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Manifest Gin

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  • Intro:

    Ginvitational Day 6! Distilled from wheat, Manifest Gin is Florida's first organic gin. Produced with juniper, angelica root, and other botanicals, this one has had my eye for some time. I discovered they sell 375ml bottles, and had to jump on one to give it a go. Let's dive in.

  • Nose:

    Pungent juniper, some lemon peel and limestone. Fresh and acidity, rich and herbaceous. Some sweetness, mostly juniper, a hint of pepper.

  • Taste:

    Rich mouth feel. Tons of flavor here - loads of sweet cream, juniper, cardamom, pepper and a nice mineral component. Heat is very much in check and its absence only helps accentuate how rich the mouth feel is.

  • Finish:

    Short on the finish, a bit of astringency, but nothing wild. Lemon peel, some lime, pepper and fresh baked bread. Honey, juniper and berries.

  • Overall:

    Really nice overall. I like this a lot, and it works so well in a martini it’s ridiculous.

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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