Krispy Kreme Debuts 'Ethical Gin' Made From Doughnut Scraps
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Krispy Kreme Releases ‘Ethical Gin’ Made From Doughnut Scraps to Help Tackle Food Waste

Krispy Kreme partners with a Japanese drinks business to craft a 45%-ABV gin made with scraps leftover from the doughnut-making process. (Photo: Ethical Spirits)

In a sustainable spirit launch that sounds like a cheeky April Fool’s Day gag, Krispy Kreme has released an “ethical gin” made from doughnut chunks and glaze that would have otherwise been wasted.

According to Sora News 24, the new gin, named Little Joy Spirits, was made in partnership with Japanese drinks company Ethical Spirits and features tasting notes from donut glaze, citrus and traditional botanicals.

(Photo: Ethical Spirits)

“Focusing on the donut dough and glaze of Krispy Kreme donuts, you can feel the aroma and sweetness of the donuts distilled with citrus fruits, and a refreshing aftertaste perfect for a summer night,” the brand wrote.

To produce the gin, the doughnut scraps were first toasted until they became biscuit-like. From there, the doughnuts are distilled with juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seed, cardamom powder, shikwasa citrus and Valencia oranges.

Little Joy Spirits is only the latest in Krispy Kreme’s reported ongoing initiative to tackle food waste as, per Sora News 24, the brand previously used surplus dough and glaze to make fertilizer.

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Furthermore, Ethical Spirits repurposed leftover botanicals from its gin production to craft a doughnut called the “Craft Gin Upcycle Old Fashioned,” which features crushed juniper berries, pink pepper, lavender and cardamom incorporated into its dough.

(Photo: Ethical Spirits)

While supplies last, Little Joy Spirits can be found for 3,300 yen ($23.67) per bottle through The Ethical Spirits & Co.

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