Swedish Distillery Releases 'Pure' Gin Made Using 2 Spices
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‘Like a Craft Gin With Noise Cancelling’: Swedish Distillery Takes Stand Against ‘Buzzword Heavy’ Booze Marketing by Releasing Gin Made Using Only 2 Spices

Hernö Gin’s latest release boasts complex tasting notes derived solely from juniper and coriander. (Photo: Hernö Gin)

Swedish distillery Hernö Gin has expanded its permanent range with the release of Hernö Botanical Flavored Gin, a juniper spirit that seeks to take a bold stand against modern gin marketing which, according to the brand, is laden with nonsensical buzzwords.

“A no-buzzword gin,” said Andreas Ohlsjö, Head of Brand and Design at Hernö Gin, in a press release.

“In other words, Hernö Botanical Flavored gin is no nonsense. Only real gin, distilled with the best spices by award-winning distillers who know that quality and craftsmanship beat any buzzword imaginable.”

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Jon Hillgren, the founder of Hernö Gin, believes that gin producers often engage in a race of confusing jargon, unnecessary additives and misleading language. To counter this trend, Hernö Gin crafted a gin flavored with just two spices: juniper and coriander.

“We use eight spices and herbs in our Hernö Dry Gin, whose recipe is also the basis for several of our other products,” explained Hillgren. “We wanted to see where we landed if we used as few spices as possible in order to show that it is possible to penetrate the noise of buzzwords with knowledge and craftsmanship that speaks for itself.”

Adding that its latest release is like listening to your favorite song with noise-canceling headphones, Hernö Botanical Flavored Gin is suggested to be enjoyed in a “No Buzzword Martini.” The bespoke cocktail features Mancino Secco vermouth, absinthe, orange bitters, a pinch of salt and a grapefruit zest garnish. 

Hernö Botanical Flavored Gin Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

Nose: Intense juniper with a floral spiciness from coriander seed.

Finish: Long, dry and balanced finish with juniper berries and coriander seeds.

Palate: Big, round flavour of juniper followed by a warm spiciness with licorice notes and a touch of sweetness.

Hernö Botanical Flavored Gin is now available for purchase online here, priced at SEK 367 ($33) per 500ml bottle.

About Hernö Gin

Hernö Gin was founded in 2011 by Jon Hillgren. Driven by a passion for juniper-dominant spirits, Hillgren embarked on a worldwide journey to distill knowledge and inspiration. Finally settling in Dala, Sweden, Hernö Gin uses organic herbs and spices, distilled in hand-beaten copper stills named Kierstin, Marit and Yvonne. Hernö Gin’s mission is to make premium gin culture accessible to all, bringing the world of handcrafted gin to every enthusiast’s home.

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