Fortnum & Mason Gets Ready for World Gin Day With 2 New Gins
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Fortnum & Mason Gets Ready for World Gin Day With 2 New Tipples

A pretty pink and classic dry gin join Fortnum & Mason’s in-house spirit range. (Photo: Fortnum & Mason)

Upscale London department store Fortnum & Mason has unveiled a new range of gins just in time for the upcoming World Gin Day on June 10, per Good Housekeeping.

The range, Amalthea, is named after a mythical goat creature that symbolizes abundance and features two expressions: Dry and Pink. The spirits are produced at Fortnum & Mason’s in-house distillery located in Piccadilly.

Bottled at 43% ABV, Fortnum’s Amalthea Pink Gin features a British apple spirit base and Earl Grey tea. The blush-hued spirit offers a blend of rhubarb, rose, juniper, licorice, cardamom and grapefruit.

According to the brand, its pink gin is best served in classic gin cocktails such as a Negroni, gin and tonic and dry martini.

Another 43%-ABV spirit, Fortnum’s Amalthea Dry Gin is again produced with the brand’s British apple spirit as a base. The dry gin offers a citrus aroma, alongside tasting notes from juniper, sweet licorice, black tea and peppery cassia. Also joining the mix are Earl Grey tea and marmalade.

Fortnum & Mason suggests serving its dry gin with Indian tonic water over ice, garnished with an orange slice.

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Both gins come in 500 ml and 200 ml formats and can be purchased online from £15.50 ($19.28) to £35.00 ($43.55).

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