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This New Irish Gin Promises to ‘Cut the Bull When Everyone Else is Full of it’

Blood Monkey is an Irish gin made in a style reminiscent of genever, the original juniper spirit dating back to the 15th century. (Photo: Blood Monkey)

Outcast Brands, a Dublin-based company, has launched a new Irish gin called Blood Monkey, which strives to “cut the bull when everyone else is full of it,” per Irish Post.

Embracing a straightforward approach, Blood Monkey Gin seeks to set itself apart from the craft gin market. Unlike many gins that suggest being paired with garnishes, Blood Monkey Gin is designed to be enjoyed without any extras, standing proudly on its own.

“Riddled with quintessential expressions, gin gets more pretentious every day,” the brand explained. “But this is Blood Monkey, the Irish Craft Gin. And following in the footsteps of genever, the godfather of them all, Blood Monkey cuts the bull, when everyone else is full of it.”

“We go against the grain, independently distilling in Ireland – drinking gin straight up, without a cucumber in sight.”

Distilled by Deirdre Bohane, the Master Distiller at West Cork Distillers in Skibbereen, Blood Monkey features a blend of lime leaf, almond, juniper berry, orris root, Irish rosemary, licorice, coriander seed, chamomile and angelica root. According to Bohane, it’s a sophisticated spirit with a complex character that evolves on the palate, delivering a smooth, warm citrus spice complemented by subtle floral notes and a touch of smoky caramel flavors reminiscent of whiskey.

“Our name and signature drill bit design are a nod to the act of bleeding the monkey, when 17th Century sailors drilled into the officers’ barrel to steal the liquor inside. It’s their spirit that inspires ours today,” Blood Monkey added.

In addition to the original Blood Monkey Irish Gin, Outcast Brands offers Blood Monkey Irish Spice Storm, featuring a blend of orange, cardamom and aromatic spice. Both gins can be enjoyed in gin classics, whiskey cocktails or served straight, offering a drinking experience akin to white whiskey, per the brand.

Receiving gold medals at the Global Gin Masters 2022 in the Ultra-Premium and Contemporary categories, Blood Monkey Gin was founded by Jason Kidd, an entrepreneur based in Dublin.

“The craft gin category has become tired and saturated with too many brands peddling the same old thing,” Kidd stated, per Irish Post.

“With Blood Monkey, we are putting an end to the monotony of the craft gin category and take pride in producing a gin that returns to its authentic roots, a style that hasn’t been distilled in Ireland or the UK for almost 350 years.”

Find Blood Monkey Gin for sale here.

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