'Shameless' Actress Said She Drank '30-40 Gin and Tonics' a Day Before Sobriety
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‘Shameless’ Actress Tina Malone Reveals She Could Drink ’30 or 40 Gin and Tonics’ a Day Before Turning to Sobriety

Tina Malone made a guest appearance on Good Morning Britain in early August, where she weighed in on a recent survey revealing people in Northern England are funnier than those in the south. (Photo: Good Morning Britain/YouTube)

In an interview with Closer, Tina Malone openly shared her journey from excessive drinking to sobriety. Renowned for her portrayal of Mimi Maguire in the popular series “Shameless,” Malone disclosed that she once could consume 30-40 gin and tonic drinks per day before embracing sobriety a quarter-century ago, Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

“In those days a typical night out for me would start off with a bottle of champagne at home while I was getting ready, then some spirits,” Malone said in the interview. “I could put away 30 or 40 gin and tonics no trouble, half a bottle of brandy, a bottle of champagne, ten bottles of Beck’s.”

Acknowledging her transformation, Malone told Closer: “My biggest vice was always the drink and now I’m 25 years sober. Do I miss it? No, I don’t.”

While she succeeded in forgoing alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, she added that food is difficult to abstain from.

“It’s a battle for me,” she continued.

Notably, the actress, who marked her 60th birthday this year, embarked on her journey to sobriety two and a half decades ago, adopting a cold turkey approach. Her candidness extended to discussing her lowest point in June 2018, a period following an arrest that led her to draft apology letters and make her own funeral plans, Daily Mail noted.

Malone’s honesty extends to her college years, where she openly confessed to experimenting with cannabis. Nevertheless, alcohol remained her primary “drug of choice.” This disclosure echoes her commitment to sharing her life’s ups and downs, serving as an inspiration to others on their own paths of recovery and personal growth.

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