‘F*** You Pumpkin Spice, It’s Negroni Week’: Ryan Reynolds Condemns Beloved Latte in Latest Aviation Gin Ad - Gin Raiders
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‘F*** You Pumpkin Spice, It’s Negroni Week’: Ryan Reynolds Condemns Beloved Latte in Latest Aviation Gin Ad

Aviation Gin spokesperson Ryan Reynolds lets the world know his disdain for the pumpkin spice latte, offering the Negroni as a more appropriate fall serve. (Photo: Ryan Reynolds/YouTube)

Kicking off Negroni Week, American actor Ryan Reynolds starred in a humorous ad openly condemning pumpkin spice lattes. Instead of enjoying a cozy coffee beverage, Reynolds urges fall fanatics to try making an iconic bitter Italian cocktail.

The ad also marks the first year Aviation Gin serves as the “official American gin of Negroni Week.”

Reynolds starts off the video by playfully expressing his disdain for the pumpkin spice craze as fall approaches.

“It’s nearly fall, which means the entire universe will once again be losing its mind for pumpkin spice.”

“Well, not at Aviation,” he adds. “Not on my watch. Let’s make a Negroni.”

Reynolds then shares a recipe for an Aviation Gin Negroni, which includes 1 oz. bitter red liqueur, 1 oz. sweet vermouth and 1 oz. Aviation Gin.

Reynolds encouraged viewers to ponder the annual frenzy over pumpkin spice while demonstrating the preparation of the Negroni. He then tells viewers to garnish it with an orange peel and “enjoy a real drink.”

“F*** you, pumpkin spice. It’s Negorni Week.”

Negroni Week, running from September 18 to September 24, sees bars and restaurants worldwide uniting in a toast to the beloved Negroni cocktail while raising funds for Slow Food, a global movement supporting local communities in over 160 countries. The initiative was first launched in 2013 by Imbibe Magazine and Italian aperitif brand Campari.

The Aviation Gin ad concludes with a brief apology from Reynolds.

“It’s come to my attention that pumpkin spice has quite a lot of fans, and a powerful political lobby,” the actor explains.

“So, on behalf of Aviation American Gin and its parent company Diageo, we’d like to wholesale apologies for our previous commercial… Help me.”

In February 2018, Reynolds initiated his involvement with Aviation Gin with a substantial investment, leading him to become the brand’s face. Diageo, the globe’s leading spirits producer, subsequently bought Aviation Gin and its parent firm Davos Brands in 2020.

In September 2022, Aviation Gin opened the doors to a new distillery and headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Beyond producing gin, the location presents an immersive escape room experience, tasting room and cocktail bar.

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