Man Back Behind Bars for 4th Time in 2 Years After Swiping Gin From Multinational Retail Chain
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Man Back Behind Bars for 4th Time in 2 Years After Swiping Gin From Multinational Retail Chain

Two gins from Marks & Spencer’s distilled spirit range. (Photo: Marks & Spencer)

A man in Northampton is placed behind bars for the fourth time in two years following the theft of gin from multinational retail chain Marks & Spencer and various other items from Dutch-French retailer Spar, as reported by Northampton Chronicle.

According to the report, 36-year-old Grant Christopher Daniel Filer-Hobbs admitted to taking a £35 ($42.21) bottle of gin on February 12, along with a variety of chocolate candy from a local Spar the next day.

The crimes were committed while Filer-Hobbs was facing a suspended sentence over criminal damage to a car seat after he was spared an additional jail term, per Northampton Chronicle.

The man has been sentenced to two weeks following the recent theft offenses, Northampton Chronicle reported. Previous sentences reportedly include offenses such as harassment, spitting at a police officer, indecent exposure and carrying a packet of Stanley knives in public.

Something about Marks & Spencer gin certainly attracts attention, as the major British retail chain has before been robbed of its juniper-based spirits in recent reporting. Last November, a man described as a “serial thief” was reported to have stolen a bottle of Sugar Plum gin from Marks & Spencer, resulting in fines of almost $900.

Marks & Spencer itself has also been placed in the gin spotlight after Aldi was sued for allegedly copying its holiday light-up gin design. The lengthy court battle concluded in February when it was ruled that Aldi infringed on the registered designs of M&S’ snowglobe gin bottles.

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