Kim Kardashian Stars in Sensual Ad Campaign for Gin
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Only Months After Her Return to Booze, Kim Kardashian Stars in Sensual Gin Ad

Kim Kardashian and gin collide in a new ad campaign for premium spirits brand Seventy One Gin. (Photo: Mert Alas)

Only a few months after officially announcing her return to drinking, Kim Kardashian is seen starring in a sensual ad campaign for premium spirit brand Seventy One Gin.

Often deemed a “sober sister” due to her decision to abstain from alcohol and drugs in recent years, Kardashian has been open about her journey to sobriety and often promoted self-care and wellness practices on her social media platforms. However, in January, the American socialite announced her official return to booze, stating that she wanted to “let loose a little bit.”

Now, Kardashian has gone all in on spirits by starring in a series of sensual photos taken by fashion photographer Mert Alas in an ad campaign for his own spirit brand, Seventy One Gin.

Kardashian sports a sheer, lacy black dress while holding a rocks glass of Seventy One Gin. (Photo: Mert Alas)

What Is Seventy One Gin?

Launched in 2021, Seventy One Gin is a premium spirit highlighting the flower from the Queen of the Night cactus, which blooms only once a year at night and wilts just before dawn. The gin is barrel aged for 71 nights in oak casks to achieve notable smoothness and additional complexity.

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Seventy One Gin’s sleek and elegant bottle is designed to evoke the imagery of a luxury perfume bottle, as the distillation method and branding were inspired by perfume. According to Master Distiller Steve Wilson, to get the best expression of each ingredient, just like a perfumer would, every botanical used in the gin is distilled separately.

(Photo: Seventy One Gin)

Described as a playful yet luxurious spirit, Seventy One Gin is designed for after-hours drinking, challenging category norms and establishing itself as an enthralling night-time tipple.

Seventy One Gin is priced at £168 ($203.19) per 70cl, 40% ABV bottle, making it one of the most expensive gins available on the market. Due to its rare ingredients and luxurious price tag, Seventy One Gin is best served neat or on the rocks.

Curious about the Kardashian-backed booze? Find a bottle of Seventy One Gin here.

Seventy One Gin Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

  • Bright and exhilarating aromas of crushed juniper, with wild pine notes forests colliding with a crisp hit of citrus brightness.
  • Rich and sensorial, evoking the warmth of summer nights, where the heady scent of rose petals fills the air, colliding with a wild, aromatic tangle of bracing botanicals.

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