New Japanese Gin to Hit the Market This July
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Japanese Distillery Highlights Sweet Potato Liquor and ‘Koji Mold’ in Latest Craft Gin Release

Set to be released in the U.S. this July, this Japanese gin is made from a base of sweet potato shochu and a menagerie of unique botanicals. (Photo: Hamada Syuzou Co., Ltd.)

Hamada Syuzou Co., Ltd., a distillery based in Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, is set to introduce SASSHU Gin in July.

This new craft gin is made from sweet potato-based “shochu” distilled spirits and aims to enter the global gin market, targeting Asia, Europe and the United States.

The global gin market is growing rapidly, with estimates projecting a market size of USD 14 billion by 2021, according to the news release. Thanks to this market growth, craft gin, known for its unique ingredients and small-batch manufacturing methods, has gained popularity.

Following the trend, Japanese craft gin, made with botanicals like yuzu citrus, sansho pepper, green tea and cherry leaves, has seen a rise in exports, establishing its reputation in the spirits industry. For those familiar with this category of spirits, these botanicals bring to mind popular Japanese gin brands like Roku, Nikka Coffey and Ki No Bi.

Now seeking to launch a Japanese craft gin of its own, Hamada Syuzou Co., Ltd. has combined its core product, Honkaku Shochu, with Japanese botanicals to create SASSHU Gin. According to the brand, the new gin offers a uniquely fruity flavor from the addition of koji mold, which enhances the characteristics of its sweet potato-based base spirit.

Beyond Konkaku Shochu, SASSHU Gin is made with juniper, sour pomelo, shikuwasa citrus, rose petals, sakura chips, mugwort and loquat leaves. According to the spirit producer, the gin features woody notes from juniper berries, a refreshing burst of citrus and a “sweet and plump” aftertaste from Japanese ingredients.

With an ABV of 45%, this premium Japanese craft gin is designed to be used in various gin-based cocktails like martinis and Negronis.

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For additional information, visit the official website of SASSHU Gin Premium Craft Spirits.

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