Gray Whale Gin Launches Sustainable Apparel Collection
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Gray Whale Gin Celebrates Environmental Awareness Month by Launching Sustainable Apparel Collection — With Secret Cocktail Recipes Printed Inside

(Photo: Gray Whale Gin)

As we step into September’s Environmental Awareness Month, American spirits brand Gray Whale Gin is making waves with its latest offering – a sustainable apparel collection. This eco-conscious line is designed to not only adorn you in style but also protect and preserve our precious coastline.

“Brands sell a staggering amount of swag, and in fact, just 21% of all those promotional items are kept for any length of time,” Gray Whale Gin explained. “More than 50% is given away, and a further 23% is tossed in the trash. This means about 73% ends up in landfills.”

Gray Whale Gin’s founders, Jan and Marsh Mokhtari, sought an eco-friendly solution. Faced with a lack of suitable partners, they embarked on creating their line of environmentally conscious apparel. Collaborating with fashion industry friends, they spent over a year designing and sourcing recycled and organic materials. The outcome: a collection of sustainable, California-inspired clothing that’s not only stylish but also gentle on the planet.

Crafted in the heart of California, this collection includes 100% recycled polyester, certified organic cotton fabrics, 100% recycled plastic buttons and biodegradable packing materials. Better yet, hidden surprises await within a few of these garments, such as secret cocktail recipes printed discreetly inside.

From the luxurious Men’s Icon Sweatshirt to the Women’s Embroidered Sweatshirt and the Unisex Icon Hat, there’s something for everyone. Prices range from $43 to $85. Find the full collection here.

What Is Gray Whale Gin?

(Photo: Gray Whale Gin)

Gray Whale Gin boasts a commitment to handcrafted spirits that bring people together while also contributing to the greater good. The founders, Marsh and Jan Mokhtari, were inspired by the beauty of California during a camping trip to Big Sur and a chance encounter with Gray Whales. These whales have been making a 12,000-mile journey for millions of years, and Gray Whale Gin celebrates this journey by using botanicals foraged along their migratory path.

Every bottle of Gray Whale Gin supports Oceana, an organization dedicated to ocean conservation, ensuring the longevity of the Gray Whales’ journey. Marsh and Jan Mokhtari combined their talents in food, adventure shows and creative directing to establish Golden State Distillery in 2016. The distillery’s mission is to celebrate California and support the state through nature and wildlife conservation.

The gin is crafted starting with a six-times distilled, gluten-free corn base spirit. Sustainable and locally sourced botanicals, including juniper, kombu, almonds, limes, fir tree and mint, are used in the distillation process, resulting in a seven-times distilled final product. The gin rests for 48 hours before bottling.

Gray Whale Gin’s commitment to sustainability extends to its packaging, with organic paint and a biodegradable cork. The brand is also a member of One Percent for the Planet, dedicating one percent of its annual sales to environmental causes.

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