Four Pillars Releases Its 2nd Wine-Inspired Gin
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‘It Was Really Hard to Get Our Hands on These Grapes’: Four Pillars Releases Its 2nd Wine-Inspired Gin

Australian distillery Four Pillars presents its second wine-inspired gin, Blooy Pinot Noir. (Photo: Four Pillars)

Introducing a juicy new addition to the Four Pillars Gin family — Bloody Pinot Noir Gin. Joining the Australian distillery’s renowned Bloody Shiraz Gin, this limited-edition spirit incorporates the flavors of grape varietals from two different vineyards.

“It was really hard to get our hands on these grapes, so this will be a limited release exclusive to Dan Murphy’s and Four Pillars and out to subscribers on Thursday 1 June,” the gin brand wrote on social media.

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Four Pillars partnered with local growers in the Yarra Valley to source highly sought-after Pinot Noir grapes for its new gin. The grapes, each from different vineyards, contribute unique characteristics to the final product.

“Pinot Noir grapes from the Yarra Valley are in high demand, so we were lucky to partner with two local growers whose vineyards each offer something different to the gin,” Four Pillars said. “One is closer to the Valley floor, so it’s a warmer site adding richness and a blueberry character; the other is more elevated, giving more freshness, acidity and red fruit.”

Following the same process as Four Pillar’s Bloody Shiraz Gin, the distillery team steeps the grapes in its high-proof Rare Dry Gin for about seven weeks.

The Bloody Pinot Noir Gin offers aromas of rose petals, strawberries and cherries, Four Pillar explained, with a lighter palate and more pronounced gin character. Although the sugar levels are similar to Bloody Shiraz Gin, it is said to have a drier, softer taste.

Four Pillars recommends enjoying its latest gin straight or on the rocks before trying it in cocktails.

Pre-order a bottle of this limited-edition gin before its official release on June 10 by visiting Four Pillar’s website and signing up for an email alert.

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