Fords Gin Launches 'Music To Drink Martinis To' With Record Producers Who Worked With The Gorillaz
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Fords Gin Launches ‘Music To Drink Martinis To’ in Collaboration With Legendary Record Producers Who Worked With the Gorillaz

“Music To Drink Martinis To” is, unsurprisingly, a collection of songs designed to be perfectly paired with your next martini-making session. (Photo: Fords Gin/Facebook)

In collaboration with legendary American record producers Nathaniel Merriweather (AKA Dan The Automator) and Chest Rockwell (AKA DJ Prince Paul), Brown-Forman-owned spirit brand Fords Gin launched a seven-track vinyl LP designed to be the perfect companion for crafting martinis.

“The ritual of crafting a Martini is extremely personal, including one’s preferred specs, glassware, garnish, and setting; the Martini is meant to be enjoyed however the imbiber sees fit,” said Fords Gin Founder Simon Ford, per BevNet.

“The music one listens to while having their Martini experience varies which is why we created Music to Drink Martinis To, it’s just one suggested musical accompaniment to one’s Martini adventures,” Ford continued.

“Having known Dan the Automator and DJ Prince Paul for many years now and their special connection to the Martini, we could not have imagined better partners to produce this musical journey.”

Dan the Automator and DJ Prince Paul enjoying icy Fords Gin martinis while modeling handsome mustaches. (Photo: Fords Gin/Facebook)

Both Dan the Automator and DJ Prince Paul have previously worked with notable artists such as The Gorillaz, Jack Johnson, Pharrell, DJ Shadow, Mike Patton and Black Sheep. The two are also well-renowned for their collaborative work as hip-hop duo “Handsome Boy Modeling School,” in which they produced two albums featuring an extensive cast of guest rappers, DJs, singers and comedians.

According to Fords Gin, Dan the Automator and DJ Prince Paul were selected as part of this collaboration thanks to their extensive background in different styles of music — and their own “deep devotion” to a well-made martini.

“Music to Drink Martinis To is something very handsome,” shared Dan The Automator, according to BevNet. “And at the Handsome Boy Modeling School, we may not craft a perfect Martini, but we know how to drink one. We also know that the pairing with Fords Gin and the tunes will delight the soul.”

Fords Gin is a classically profiled London dry made with Italian juniper, Chinese jasmine, Romanian coriander, Haitian/Moroccan orange peel, Turkish grapefruit peel, Polish angelica, Indonesian cassia and Italian/Moroccan orris root. The spirit is notably spice-forward, yet quite approachable to those who may usually stray away from a potent piney gin.

Find our review of Fords Gin here.

The limited-edition “Music to Drink Martinis To” LP is available now as a gift with the purchase of a bottle of Fords Gin through Reserve Bar, priced at $28.99. Also included in the set are an informational “Martini 101” booklet and seven cocktail recipes created by celebrated bartenders from around the world.

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