Emma Watson to Launch Own Gin After Break From Acting
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Emma Watson Announces Launch of Own Gin After Long Break From Acting

Emma Watson attends the Kering Foundation’s Caring For Women Dinner at The Pool on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022, in New York. On Wednesday, it was revealed that Watson plans to launch her own gin brand in the coming months. (Photo: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Following a five-year break from acting, renowned “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson returns to the spotlight to announce the launch of her own gin, made in collaboration with her younger brother, Alex Watson.

In a brand-new interview with the Financial Times’ How To Spend It, Watson revealed that she and her brother have been working on producing their own premium gin brand, Renais. While little else has been shared about the spirit, such as how it tastes or what it costs, the actress turned distiller did reveal that Renais is set to launch in the coming months.

Alex Watson is seen holding a wine glass with a bottle of Renais Gin next to him. (Photo: Alex Watson/Instagram)

The only other detail about Renais Gin worth speculating about so far is that, due to its straw-colored appearance, the premium spirit may very well be a barrel-aged expression. This could be supported by the official Instagram page for the gin sharing an up-close photo of what appears to be knarled wood, possibly hinting at an ingredient or production process involving wood.

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Alongside the exciting boozy announcement, Watson shared an inside look at what it was like being introduced to alcohol at a young age.

“I was quite surprised when other children were very excited about the idea of getting their hands on alcohol. Dad had been giving me water with wine at lunch since I was a child,” she told Financial Times. “So I was quite confused when I was a teenager and everyone thought alcohol was this forbidden fruit.”⁠

Watson’s foray into spirits coincides with her family’s business, which, for the past several years has been involved with producing wine, according to Daily Mail.

Watson isn’t the only celebrity to announce a gin in recent news. In March, “Outlander” star Sam Heughan teased the launch of the latest edition to his spirits brand with Sessenauch gin, a wild Scottish botanical spirit set to be released on June 15.

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