Procera Gin Is Redefining What a Premium Spirit Should Be
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Procera Gin Is Redefining What a Premium Spirit Should Be

Premium spirit, Procera Gin.

A bottle of Procera Blue Dot Gin. (Photo: Procera Gin)

The average gin costs around $30 and this price makes sense. Neutral grain spirits can be made from just about anything and gin botanicals aren’t hard to come by. So for a gin to be expensive, it has to be doing something special. Here comes the premium spirit, Procera Gin, ready to impress.

Like an artist using high-grade materials for a masterpiece, Procera Gin keeps quality in mind every step of the way.

The Vision

From Procera Gin’s website, the gin was “founded with a dream to bring the very best of Africa to the world.” This dream included specially-sourced ingredients and a luxurious price with good reason. Ivan Dixon, Brand Ambassador, revealed to The Buyer that “there is a market out there for these kind of products and there is certainly a place for top end gins.”

Procera Gin was also made for the “perfect martini”, according to Roger Jorgensen, master distiller. The price tag makes us want to savor Procera Gin and drink it neat in thimbles. However, If we’re lucky enough to own a bottle, a martini must be made! Should a luxury vermouth also be used?

Born in Kenya

Procera gin is distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, where the gin’s key ingredient and namesake is sourced from. Procera juniper berries are picked fresh for distillation and never dried, unlike common juniper in standard gins. Along with procera juniper berries, the gin uses flora harvested from all over Africa. Just a few of these ingredients are acacia honey, mace, cardamom, pink peppercorn, orris root and pixie oranges.

Procera Gin also reinvests into the land that it has been born from. As detailed on their website, the sustainable brand is partnered with the Kijabe Forest Trust, which protects “the native forests of Kijabe from poaching of both animals and trees.” Procera Gin also uses recycled materials and employs local farmers and artisans.

A Hand-Blown Bottle With Accessories

Procera Gin isn’t in just any run-of-the-mill bottle. The gin is housed in a hand-blown bottle for one-of-a-kind results. Each bottle is fitted with a hand-carved palm wood stopper and wrapped with a cord of leather. Procera Gin eloquently stated that “the bottle’s beauty lies in its simplicity.”

Sleek and unlabeled — save for a colored dot to denote the expression — Procera Gin adds a final touch of luxury with a botanical salt accessory to enhance the gin’s flavors.

Where To Find Procera Gin

Right now, the premium gin can be found at specialty high-end locations that serve it… or you can buy it online here.  Procera Gin comes in three expressions: Blue Dot, Red Dot and Green Dot. Blue Dot was the first and the two others were released in July of 2022.

Happy premium gin drinking!

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