During Arrest Over Public Drunkenness, Man Allegedly Hands Police Unused Crack Pipe
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During Arrest Over Public Drunkenness, Man Allegedly Hands Police Unused Crack Pipe

Police arrest a man over public drunkenness, later finding out he was wanted for an unrelated burglary. (Photo: Pixabay/Pexels)

A man who was previously charged over a recent burglary in Quincy Township, Pennsylvania, is again placed under arrest following an incident allegedly involving alcohol, public drunkenness and an unused crack pipe, according to Tri-State Alert.

Pennsylvania State Troopers were dispatched to a home around 11:45 p.m. on Feb. 5 in response to a report of a “suspicious person,” per Tri-State Alert. According to the report, the caller saw a man and woman allegedly throwing up and appearing intoxicated after parking a vehicle in the victim’s driveway. The duo was then seen walking away.

Inside the vehicle, police reportedly found open containers of alcohol and unopened cans. Police eventually located the man, identified as Takeim Samir Drake, who appeared to be intoxicated while speaking “irrationally and vague,” reported Tri-State Alert. Drake reportedly informed police he was the passenger of the vehicle.

During his arrest over public drunkenness, officers began searching Drake. Apparently unprompted by police, he handed over a glass smoking device containing unburnt crack cocaine, saying: “that’s a pipe,” according to Tri-State Alert.

Tri-State Alert reported that police later discovered Drake was wanted for an unrelated burglary. He is now charged with summary public drunkenness, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia and felony drug possession, with an additional bail of $50,000, per Tri-State Alert.

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