Here are 3 Peppered Gins to Try if You Crave Spice
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Here are 3 Peppered Gins to Try if You Crave Spice

Black pepper is displayed. This popular spice has a firm grip on gin. (Photo: Chaideer Mahyuddin/Getty Images)

Gin comes in such a broad spectrum of flavor profiles that it’s difficult to attribute a predominant taste to the gin experience- unless we’re talking juniper.

One spicy flavor profile some gin drinkers fancy is pepper. This adventurous tasting note stems from a variety of peppercorns, bell peppers, or chili peppers. This tasting note in focus is either included in the re-distillation process, or added in a vapor infusion of botanicals.

Some gin enthusiasts will even go as far as sprinkling peppercorns into a cocktail to get their fix, as seen in a peppered gin and tonic (with optional muddled strawberries). Peppers and peppercorns add a subtle heat and warming earthy note when paired with the other enticing botanicals in gin, but can this flavor be found at the front line?

Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin

With “peppered” in the name, this gin promises a powerful experience. According to the tasting notes guide, Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin has a nose of “black peppercorn and a hint of charred red peppers.” With a sip, distinct black pepper jumps forward and evolves alongside a touch of saltiness and char. The mouthfeel is described as ending with  a “pleasant tingle,” which only makes this gin sound all the more perfect for any heat lover.

With a price tag of around $35, this gin makes for a reasonably-valued addition to any pepper fiend’s gin collection. Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin can be enjoyed by itself or paired with citrus and your favorite neutral tonic.

Bottled at 45% ABV, find Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin here.

Greenhouse Peppered Gin

Another special gin with the flavor in its name. Greenhouse Peppered Gin achieves its heat with ghost chili peppers instead of the familiar peppercorn. This gin is nicely priced at under $25, which makes for a safe purchase when you want to try something unique without stressing out your wallet.

Greenhouse Peppered Gin will satisfy pepper lovers with a subtle, yet present kick of heat. Another tasting note from this gin is refreshing cucumber. This savory spirit should be present in your next zippy bloody mary. Garnish with a sliced red chili pepper for ultimate flair.

Bottled at 40% ABV, find Greenhouse Peppered Gin here.

Bombay Sapphire East

Our last peppery gin to explore is Bombay Sapphire East. This gin is vapor infused with eastern spices. Vietnamese black peppercorns and Thai lemongrass blend together to satisfy the seasoned pepper fan. Don’t worry, this gin is still crafted with the well-known Bombay Sapphire’s “essential botanicals.” So, anticipate juniper and citrus to play a friendly role in this gin.

Bombay Sapphire East can be found for around $35, making it another well-priced peppery gin to try. It is natural that this spirit would make for a standout martini. Make it a dirty martini with a blue cheese stuffed olive if you’re feeling bold.

Bottled at 42% ABV, find Bombay Sapphire East here.

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