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What is the World’s Most Expensive Gin? A Look at Why This Juniper Spirit Sold for Almost $5,000

The record for the world’s most expensive gin was achieved by Dan and Faye Thwaites in London on Nov. 16, 2018. (Photo: Guinness World Records)

When compared to spirits like whiskey and tequila, gin is considered cheap. All it takes is a trip to your local liquor store to see that a nice bottle of gin is going to set you back about $30. That’s good news for us since we really like the stuff, but it means we rarely get to see our juniper-based best friend in the world record limelight… Unless we’re talking about Morus LXIV.

According to Guinness World Records, Morus LXIV is the world’s most expensive gin. It sold for £3,800 ($4,634.82) in 2018 and no new record has been set. The Old Bell Inn in Saddleworth purchased the gin, along with a 3 cl Morus LXIV Gin decanter worth £200 ($243.93), for a grand total of £4,000 ($4,878.60).

Let’s take a look at what makes this gin so lavish!

According to the producers, Jam Jar Gin, Morus LXIV is made from the air-dried leaves of a single, ancient Mulberry tree. It takes over two years to produce a single batch of the gin, which is cask-aged and bottled at 64% ABV.

Per the brand, Morus LXIV smells savory, woody and smokey, perfumed with citrus zest and hints of spice. Tasting notes for the gin are listed as citrusy and leafy with freshly cut woody sweetness. Jam Jar recommends adding a small splash of water to reveal more aromatic elements of the wood notes. Another splash of water is said to unearth intense juniper flavors along with notes of citrus and unripe fruit.

“The flavour reflects the landscape from which the flavours and ingredients come,” Jam Jar wrote. “Dried leaves crackling under your feet and the verdant, earthy aroma sustained by the same underground stream that nourishes the ancient mulberry tree and surrounding British countryside.”

The liquid is encased in a hand-made, embossed and polished porcelain jar. The accompanying stirrup cup is also porcelain, presented in an embossed leather hide case.

Morus LXIV is sold exclusively at U.K.-based luxury retailer Harvey Nichols.

While we don’t foresee ourselves easily trading upwards of $4,000 for gin, it’s fascinating to find out what steps are taken to produce a super-premium juniper spirit. Apparently, it’s mulberry leaves and porcelain jars.

Another premium gin worth noting is the $700 Nolet’s Reserve gin. While not nearly as pricey as Morus LXIV, the two spirits are often placed side-by-side when expensive gins are ranked.

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