Negroni Week 2023: How to Participate in the Celebration
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Negroni Week 2023: How to Participate in This Year’s Global Celebration of Cocktails and Charity

Italian aperitif brand Campari and Imbibe Magazine come together for Negroni Week, a global celebration of cocktails and charity. (Photo: Campari)

Italian aperitif brand Campari and Imbibe Magazine are joining forces from September 18 to 24 to celebrate Negroni Week. This global event sees bars and restaurants worldwide uniting in a toast to the beloved Negroni cocktail while raising funds for Slow Food, a global movement supporting local communities and sustainability in over 160 countries.

About Negroni Week

Campari, the herbal aperitif at the heart of the Negroni since the cocktail’s inception in 1919, proudly supports Negroni Week. And the Negroni, deemed the world’s #1 best-selling cocktail, owes much of its success to the creativity of bartenders worldwide, Campari shared in a news release. Uniting the cocktail’s popularity and the bartending community’s strength, the initiative has raised over $4 million for various causes over the past decade.

“Every year of Negroni Week gets better and better, and we’re thrilled to continue partnering with Campari in support of Slow Food’s mission to cultivate a more equitable and sustainable world of food and beverage,” said Karen Foley, Imbibe Publisher. We can’t wait to once again celebrate our favorite week of the year with bars, restaurants and Negroni enthusiasts around the world.”

Last year, 10,000 venues across 80 markets participated, and Campari aims to expand this collaboration even further this year in support of Slow Food’s Negroni Week Fund. Campari will again initiate fundraising this year with a $100,000 donation.

The Negroni Week Fund, managed by Slow Food, aims to support the hospitality industry beyond 2023 by focusing on preserving cultural and biological diversity; promoting food and beverage education; and advocating for equity and justice. Last year’s fund enhanced Slow Food programs globally and aided 33 local community-led projects in 23 countries.

Additionally, this year’s Negroni Week coincides with the launch of a redesigned Campari bottle inspired by Milan’s spirit and the aperitivo tradition that originated in the history-rich city.

How to Participate in Negroni Week 2023

Throughout Negroni Week, enthusiasts can celebrate cocktail culture and recognize bartenders’ craftsmanship by enjoying classic or creative Negroni offerings at local participating establishments.

Find a complete list of locations participating in Negroni Week here.

Cocktail fans can also participate by checking out Campari’s soon-to-be-launched video series. In the lead-up to Negroni Week, Campari plans to release “The Timeless Bond Series” on YouTube, spotlighting the connection between mixology and the classic Negroni. The series features prominent bartenders, including Kate Gerwin of New Mexico and Christian “Suzu” Suzuki of San Francisco, both featured on Netflix’s “Drink Masters.”

Campari will also host its annual Campari Day of Service in over 50 cities, both in-person and online, on September 19. Last year, 840 volunteers participated in 47 cities, and this year’s tally is at 900 and rising, Campari explained.

Furthermore, Campari will hold trade kick-off events in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami on September 18, along with a virtual class for trade members through the Campari Academy. “Thinking Inside the Negroni Triangle,” hosted by Campari Brand Ambassadors Alex Negranza and Olivia Cerio, will explore how constraint inspires creativity, demonstrating how three simple ingredients can yield endless variations.

For those wishing to participate in the event by crafting a classic Negroni at home, the necessary ingredients – Campari, gin and sweet vermouth – can be ordered through Drizly, ReserveBar and Instacart. Cocktail enthusiasts will also find a variety of Negroni-inspired items in The Negroni Week Shop, with proceeds again benefiting the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund.

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