Gin Producer Releases Boozy Cocktail Garnish Sprays
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‘Gin Up Your Drink!’: Estonian Gin Producer Releases Boozy ‘Sensory Potions’ Designed to Be Sprayed on Top of Cocktails

(Photo: Crafter’s Gin)

Estonian artisanal spirit producer Liviko has debuted a lineup of boozy spray-on cocktail garnishes. Dubbed Crafter’s Sensory Potions, the range comes in three aromas, each made with the same botanicals featured in the brand’s Crafter’s Gin expressions.

“This is for the Crafter’s lovers who just can’t get enough,” the brand wrote on social media. “Now you have the opportunity to add more Crafter’s to your life. Discover the captivating world we’ve crafted for gin enthusiasts.”

Set to be unveiled at this year’s TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes, France, Crafter’s Sensory Potions are modeled after Crafter’s London Dry, Aromatic Flower and Wild Forest gins. The range is made using essential oil extracts distilled from the same botanicals in each gin expression.

According to the brand, the London Dry Gin Sensory Potion delivers a fresh and citrusy scent, while the Aromatic Flower Gin Sensory Potion is rich and floral. Lastly, the Wild Forest Gin Sensory Potion offers piney and woody aromas, The Spirits Business reported.

“Crafter’s Sensory Potion mist will give a completely new twist on a classic cocktail, and will for sure elevate signature cocktails around the globe,” shared Jörgen Herman, Liviko’s export director, per the report.

To use a Crafter’s Sensory Potion, mist one to two sprays on top of a cocktail “to add that final touch.”

“Through Crafter’s Sensory Potions, people will be able to experience new horizons in the gin category,” Herman continued, according to The Spirits Business. “The gin mist is gorgeously versatile – use it to enhance your drinks, cook, scent your bedroom, or add a sensory touch to your relaxing bath.”

“Hopefully, Crafter’s Sensory Potions will open visitors’ minds to try something out of the box.”

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