Love Island Australia Enforces 1 Drink a Day Rule to Stop Contestants From Making 'Stupid Decisions'
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Love Island Australia Enforces 1 Drink a Day Rule to Prevent Contestants From Making ‘Stupid Decisions’

(Photo: Love Island Australia/Facebook)

The producers behind “Love Island Australia” have enforced a new rule in an effort to prevent contestants from making “stupid decisions.” “Islanders” on the Australian dating reality show are now limited to only one alcoholic beverage per day, Daily Mail reported.

For a show that is seemingly all about watching attractive people mingle with the assistance of additional liquid courage, this new rule may come as a shock for some fans. However, Love Island’s executive producer, Alex Mavroidakis, has good reason to implement the booze-limiting ban.

Mavroidakis informed the Herald Sun that excessive drinking wasn’t beneficial for the show or the contestants. Per Daily Mail, the effects of over-drinking — such as hangovers, sleeping in and becoming aggressive when drunk — negatively impacted the contestants’ decision-making and “looks.”

“It is a daily cycle for us and in order for that to happen they can’t be hungover, they can’t make stupid decisions, they can’t have physical fights and they can’t scream and shout at each other,” Mavroidakis told the Herald Sun.

“We want them to look amazing and we want them to make smart decisions, so you will never see a drunk person on Love Island,” Mavroidakis added, per the Herald Sun. “We are not one of those ‘get them hammered’ shows.”

According to the report, Mavroidakis also noted that “Love Island” is all about “love,” “romance” — and looking at “hot people.”

“Love Island Australia” is based on the international “Love Island” franchise and first aired on Channel Nine’s secondary channel, 9Go! in 2018. The show revolves around a group of contestants, referred to as “islanders,” who live together in an isolated villa and are required to couple up to avoid being voted off the island. The last couple standing wins a prize of $50,000.

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