‘Let’s Live Magnificently’: Tanqueray Debuts First Global Campaign Since 2018
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‘Let’s Live Magnificently’: Tanqueray Debuts First Global Campaign Since 2018

By delivering a “mindset of magnificence,” Tanqueray’s newest global campaign seeks to inspire people to make any of life’s moments as special as they can be. (Photo: Diageo)

On Wednesday, Diageo-owned gin brand Tanqueray debuted its first global campaign since 2018. The new campaign, Let’s Live Magnificently, seeks to inspire individuals to make any moment in life — even right now — as special as it can be.

The campaign, created by Anomaly London, is set to launch in February 2023 through a series of 10, 20 and 30-second digital and TV ads. Joyful activities such as sunset drinks on the beach, rooftop drinks with friends and an aperitif before dinner serve as examples of “seizing the everyday moment” in Tanqueray’s campaign.

“We’re really excited to bring to life our brand purpose through the Let’s Live Magnificently campaign,” shared Nitesh Chhapru, Global Brand Director of Tanqueray.

“At the heart of the campaign is a simple idea that we all have the choice to turn any moment into something special with just a bit of inspiration and imagination; as we believe life is best served magnificently over a Tanqueray and Tonic.”

(Photo: Diageo)

Photographer Chloe Hardwick is behind capturing the out-of-house ad visuals, while Fiona Jane Burgess directed the digital and TV ads for Let’s Live Magnificently.

Over the coming months, the campaign will be debuted across North America, Australia, Northern and Southern Europe, Brazil and Great Britain.

Joe Corcoran, ECD, Anomaly London commented on the campaign: “With the first global Tanqueray campaign in 4 years, we wanted to re-establish the brand’s iconic status in Gin.”

“The campaign focuses on the mindset to not live life by half. To not choose one tasting note when you can have many. To treat the everyday with a lusciousness. To not settle for the ordinary, but to demand the extraordinary.”

Tanqueray’s last global campaign, Unmistakably Tanqueray, sought to bring consumer attention back to the flavor of its gin by pointing out that the popular spirit can be identified solely by taste, without the need to look at its iconic green bottle.

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