Italian Gin Liqueur Kranebet Launches in UK
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Italian Gin Liqueur Kranebet Launches in UK

Drink Kranebet neat, on ice or in a classic gin cocktail. (Photo: Kranebet Official/Instagram)

Kranebet, an Italian gin liqueur produced by Rossi d’Asiago, has officially launched in the UK through spirits distributor Hi-Spirits.

Kranebet’s original recipe — from the master distillers of Asiago — dates back to 1924. The “botanical drink” is acquired through the slow distillation of juniper berries, coriander, wormwood, gentian, quassio and absinthe. Rossi d’Asiago’s distillery utilizes a bain-marie system to preserve the freshness of each botanical.

The resulting spirit is clear and juniper-forward with a slight viscosity from added sugar. Thanks to its subtle sweetness, Kranebet is soft on the palate.  The spirit is lovingly refered to as “the emblem of the Rossi Distillery and a symbol of Asiago plateau” by Rossi d’Asiago.

While perfect as a digestif, Kranebet can also be used in a sweetened twist on a martini or gin and tonic. The brand also recommended Kranebet as “ideal for use in the kitchen” due to its versatile juniper flavor.

Kranebet’s signature serve is the “Kranebetonic,” a cocktail made with “60ml of Kranebet, top tonic, juniper berries, lemon slice, ice” and served in a Grand Balloon glass. However, we believe any nice glass will suffice.

Kranebet is bottled at 40% ABV and can be found for under $35. Find Kranebet here.

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