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Gin Launches to Showcase and Support Emerging Australian Artists

(Photo: Ink Gin/Facebook)

Australia-based spirits producer, Husk Distillers, has unveiled the latest edition to its gin collection that will support and showcase emerging Australian artists, reported The Shout.

Brian Connolly is the first artist to be featured on Ink Art Gin with his acrylic on canvas piece titled “Some Place Else.”

Ink Art Gin is described as a “bright and crisp contemporary gin,” produced with peach, apple, rose, lemon aspen and strawberry gum leaves, per the report. According to The Shout, the recipe is inspired by the “classic life forms” of fruit and flowers.

“Fruits can be very challenging to distil, as the flavours imparted are so soft and delicate. This is why they are so rarely used to make gin,” Head Distiller Quentin Brival shared with The Shout.

Husk Distillers is best known for pioneering a “farm to bottle” style of single estate, agricultural rum. The distillery started producing gin in 2015 with the launch of a color changing, butterfly pea flower-based gin. Later down the line, Husk Distillers added a sloe and berry gin to its Ink Gin collection.

“After 100s of distillation trials we settled on a beautiful recipe of 16 botanicals with balanced fruit, flowers and spices and a backbone of top-quality juniper, making it our most versatile gin yet,” Brival added, per The Shout.

Husk Distillery is located in the “highly artistic” community of Northern NSW. The distillery plans to periodically change the gin’s featured artist so that over time, a mini gallery of gin can be collected.

Ink Art Gin can be ordered on the distillery’s website for $79, bottled at 40% ABV.

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