5 Best Gins for Whiskey Drinkers
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5 Best Gins for Whiskey Drinkers

Hello, whiskey drinkers! This one’s for you.

You love whiskey but think gin tastes like pine cones. That’s okay, we’ll try not to take it personally. Instead of butting heads, let’s peruse these five best gins for whiskey drinkers.

Waterloo Antique Gin

Waterloo Antique Barrel Reserve Gin

This barrel-aged gin is aged for two years in medium char American oak barrels. Yes, gin can be aged just like whiskey. Also, barrel-aged gin is usually cheaper than whiskey. Waterloo Antique Gin can be found for around $35.

Waterloo describes their gin as follows: “floral & vanilla nose, nutmeg & leather, with a cinnamon finish.” Waterloo is bottled at 47% ABV and can be enjoyed as-is, or in a Negroni.

Find Waterloo Antique here.

Black Fox Oaked Gin

Black Fox and Farm Distillery pays homage to the “centuries-old practice of transporting and storing gin in oak barrels” with this oak barrel-aged gin. This gin is a little pricier, at about $80 per bottle. However, it seems to justify the price by having earned the title “World’s Best Cask Gin” in 2017, as seen on the distillery’s website.

Tasting notes for Black Fox Oaked Gin are smokey and woody. A Negroni is a good cocktail for this whiskey lover’s gin.

Bottled at 42 % ABV, find Black Fox Oaked Gin here.

Lafite French Traders Gin

Lafite French Traders Gin is aged in bourbon barrels for three years. Cooperstown Distillery doesn’t reveal any tasting notes, but our house Spirits Critic, Jay West, says “this is a really impressive look at a barrel gin that walks the line of gin notes and barrel influence with mastery.” Jay mentions that a gimlet with this gin offers “all sorts of complexity.”

Lafite French Traders Gin is bottled at 45% ABV and will cost about $38.

Find Lafite French Traders here.

Stonecutter Spirits Single Barrel Gin

Stonecutter Spirits Single Barrel Gin is aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Stonecutter Spirits states on their website that this gin “was specifically designed to compliment” these barrels. Tasting notes include cardamom, citrus, burnt butterscotch, toasted vanilla and caramel. The distillery recommends enjoying this gin neat or on the rocks.

This barrel-aged gin is bottled at 45% ABV and sold for around $50.

Find Stonecutter Spirits Single Barrel Gin here.

Hernö Juniper Cask Gin

Hernö Juniper Cask Gin is aged for 30 days and is “the first gin in the world matured on juniper wood casks,” according to Hernö’s website. This gin is bottled at 47% ABV and can be found for around $60. Tasting notes are wood, juniper, pepper, citrus blossoms and vanilla.

We encourage the whiskey lover to develop a taste for gin by sampling the above four gins before trying this one. Hernö Juniper Cask is going to be piney, but it’s nothing a whiskey drinker can’t handle when the wood and vanilla notes hit.

Find Hernö Juniper Cask here.

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