9 Best Holiday Gin Gift Sets 2022
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9 Best Holiday Gin Gift Sets

Sometimes, a lone bottle of gin just isn’t enough for the spirit lover in your life. Gift sets are an excellent opportunity to unite different gin expressions with sleek glasses and crafty cocktail components. Here, we present the top 2022 gin gift sets with a little something for every type of gin enjoyer.

Tanqueray No. Ten Martini Gift Set

(Photo: The Whiskey Exchange)

This Tanqueray gift set is made for the martini lover and includes a bottle of Tanqueray’s super-premium expression, No. Ten. Also featured in this boozy set is a coupe glass, two-sided jigger, cocktail strainer and glass bar mixing pitcher. All you’d need to make the perfect martini is some ice!

No. Ten differs from Tanqueray’s flagship gin in that it includes fresh, whole citrus in the distillation process, creating a gin with flavor profiles more akin to modern gin than London dry.

Priced at $83.72, find the Tanqueray No. Ten Martini Gift Set here.

York Gin and Tonic Home Tasting Session

(Photo: York Gin)

This home-tasting kit includes a variety of York Gin’s award winning spirits, an array of Fever-Tree premium tonics and “perfect serve” cocktail garnishes. York Gin has also made sure to provide comprehensive tasting notes for each mini bottle of booze and a guide to help one taste spirits like a professional.

Gin expressions to look forward to in this set are London Dry, Outlaw Navy Strength, Roman Fruit, Old Tom,  Chocolate & Orange and Grey Lady. The kit includes enough gin and tonic for two or more people to enjoy trying out different cocktail combinations over the course of an evening.

For £50.00 ($61.48), find York Gin’s Home Tasting Session Kit here.

Gin Guy Gift Set

(Photo: Peggy and Finn)

This one is for the special gin-loving gentleman (or boxer-wearer) in your life. Peggy and Finn’s “Gin Guy” gift set includes completely customizable bamboo boxer shorts and socks, a card and sleek bottle of gin from Australia-based Never Never Distilling.

Peggy and Finn offers a huge variety of botanical-inspired designs to choose from for a nice a personal touch.

Priced at $89.95, buy the Gin Guy Gift Set here.

Purna Tatva Gin Infusion Kit

(Photo: Purna Tatva/Etsy)

If you’re unsure which gin to gift, why not just let your loved one make their own? Purna Tatva’s gin making kit provides everything you need to craft your own custom spirit.

This kit includes dehydrated fruit (kiwi, grapefruit, orange and lime), cinnamon, pink peppercorn, all spice and juniper berries. The cork-topped bottle can be customized to display your own special message. Purna Tatva also adds instructions on how to make the infused spirit, a steel funnel, strainer and corrosion-resistant metal bar spoon.

You will have to supply your own neutral grain spirit but that’s an easy find as a cheap vodka will surely do the trick!

Furthermore, Purna Tatva is a small business, which is always an excellent thing to support this holiday season.

Buy this gin making kit here, currently on sale for $79.20 (original price:$99.00).

Barr Hill Gin & Honey Gift Pack

(Photo: Caskers)

Barr Hill is an American-made craft gin produced with locally sourced raw honey. This gin has quickly become a favorite within the online gin drinking community and would be an excellent opportunity to introduce the imbiber to gins beyond classic expressions.

This kit includes a bottle of Barr Hill’s take on a London dry, a barrel-aged Tom Cat gin and a jar of Vermont honey. We see Bee’s Knees cocktails in your future!

For the uninitiated, Tom Cat gin is a slightly sweeter gin expression — and Barr Hill has gone the extra mile to age it for three-four months in new American oak casks.

For $55.99, buy Barr Hill’s Gin & Honey set here.

Opihr Gin Miniature Gift Set

(Photo: The Whiskey Exchange)

Opihr is a delightfully spice-driven gin made from hand-picked botanicals inspired by the flavors of the the Ancient Spice Route.

This gift set includes tassel-decorated mini bottles of Opihr European Edition, Arabian Edition and Far East Edition. This set is an excellent opportunity to taste spice combinations from around the world.

We suggest enjoying these gins neat or on ice to truly unpack the complexity.

Find the Opihr gin gift set here, for $16.70.

KOVAL Gin Gift Pack

(Photo: Reserve Bar)

KOVAL produces a variety of spirits using organic grains. This set includes KOVAL’s core trio of gins: Dry, Barreled and a sweet Cranberry Gin Liqueur.

The dry gin boasts tasting notes of bright citrus, tingly pepper and soft florals. The barrel-aged expression adds further complexity with notes of butterscotch gleaned from time spent in whiskey barrels. Also, each gin is organic and kosher.

KOVAL was the first distillery to open in Chicago since the mid-1800s. The spirits producer also makes its own distillate!

Priced at $54.99, buy the KOVAL Gin Gift Pack here.

Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru x Table Manners Supper Club Kit

(Photo: Bombay Sapphire)

This gift set includes everything one needs to host a gin-infused dinner party at home. Co-created with Table Manners Co-Host, Jessie Ware, this set features a full-sized bottle of Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru, four sets of hosting stationary (invitations, menu cards, place name cards and thank you cards), a copper calligraphy pen and a festive cocktail recipe booklet.

Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru is the gin producer’s most recent spirit launch and is made with Murcian lemons. The gin is bright, citrus-forward and bottled in a gift worthy, lemon-embellished bottle.

The dinner party gift set is available for purchase here, priced at £50 ($61.08).

Brockmans Gin Properly Improper Hamper

(Photo: Brockmans Gin)

This gin gift set screams “refined goth.”

The Brockmans Gin Properly Improper Hamper includes one 70cl bottle of Brockmans Gin, two Negroni Glasses, a jigger, a bar spoon, a peeler and two coasters. Perfect for the gin drinker in your life who needs an edgy, boozy picnic basket to match their dark aesthetics.

Brockmans describes itself as the “properly improper gin,” highlighting its dark berry botanicals and a steadfast refusal to be “beholden to outdated notions of what is and is not a gin.” The spirit is positively fruit-forward, complimented by spiced notes from cassia, orris, angelica and licorice.

Procure the Properly Improper Hamper here, priced at £145.00 ($177.87) — with free delivery!

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