Spirited Hive Debuts RTD Gin Cocktail With Infused Honey
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‘Our Perfectly Sweet Take on a Tom Collins’: Spirited Hive Debuts RTD Gin Cocktail

RTD gin cocktail

There’s a tasty new Tom Collins in town and it’s made with juniper-infused honey. (Photo: Spirited Hive/Facebook)

Tennessee-based beverage producer Spirited Hive has added a ready-to-drink (RTD) gin cocktail to its portfolio, according to Bevnet.

The new canned cocktail is Spirited Hive’s “perfectly sweet take on a Tom Collins,” the brand wrote on Facebook.

“It’s been wonderful to see something that started with me and my hive to grow across the country and reach other hives,” said Founder and CEO, Jack Espy, per Bevnet “Our gin cocktail is made with an exceptional gin sourced from New Haven, Wisconsin, and is made with lemon infused wildflower honey, and juniper berries.”

Spirited Hive now produces four RTD cocktails, each made with a selected spirit, infused honey and natural ingredients. The brand’s other canned drinks are produced with vodka, bourbon and tequila.

“We know that everyone brings a different spirit to the party, literally and figuratively, and wanted to create an additional gin cocktail that reflects that,” Epsy added, according to the report. “We created Spirited Hive to inspire people to spend less time mixing up a cocktail and more time creating deeper connections while enjoying a high-quality crafted cocktail.”

Spirited Hive was founded in 2020 by Espy through a “happy accident” when making honey-based cocktails for his friends during a global pandemic, according to the brand’s website.  Inspired by these mixology moments and desiring to leave the world of finance behind, Espy started his canned cocktail journey.

Stockists of Spirited Hive Cocktails can be found here. A four pack of 7% ABV gin drinks can be yours for $16.99.

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