10 Gin Bottles To Give New Life Through Crafty Home Décor
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10 Gin Bottles to Give New Life Through Crafty Home Décor

An apothecary style bottle holds a delicate bouquet. This is a great example of how to reuse a snazzy gin bottle that’s too cute to part ways with. (Photo: Rachel Claire/Pexels)

Since we’re all gin lovers here, we know what it’s like to have a few too many gin bottles lying around. Why not give these bottles a new life through crafty home décor? Here are 10 particularly stylish gin bottles that would make great flower vases, reusable vessels or shelf curio.

If you need them, instructions on how to remove a bottle’s label are at the end of this article.

D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin

Benham’s gin has an attractive coke bottle green color. We imagine this bottle will make a lovely flower vase for some long stemmed baby’s breath or a bunch of ruscus leaves.

The label on Benham’s bottle gives off antique store vibes — we’d leave the label on to add to the charm.

Buy D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin here.

Freeland Spirits Dry Gin

Freeland Spirits‘ range of liquors all come in neat tear drop bottles with cork toppers. Any gin bottle with a cork adds bonus reusability points. These bottles are also pleasantly round — which the above photo doesn’t do justice — and would do a great job serving water at a dinner party.

We would also use this bottle to display some fairy lights or tea rose blossoms.

Buy Freeland Spirits Dry Gin here.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

Get a load of that texture! The Botanist’s bottle would look great by itself as a shelf piece. The gin also happens to be highly-rated, so you’ll get to the bottom of this bottle in no time.

In our opinion, this bottle would look best with the label removed to draw attention to the lettered texture.

Buy The Botanist Islay Dry Gin here.

Gin Kur

Gin Kur has a nice glass stopper and a clear apothecary style bottle. This bottle would look great on the center of a table with some black-eyed Susans or goldenrods.

Depending on your opinion of bright yellow, the label could be removed or left on. Personally, we love the juniper branch botanical illustration on the bold yellow background.

Buy Gin Kur here.

Bristow Gin

Bristow Gin’s bottle has a cork stopper and a light teal cast to the glass. The height of the bottle makes it a great vase for some calla lilies or a single gladiolus stem.

The label on Bristow Gin’s bottle might be best removed if the ornate design isn’t your thing.

Find Bristow Gin here.

Apiary Gin

Apiary Gin’s bottle has a lovely botanical backdrop and unique hexagonal shape. The wood and cork stopper looks like it could contain an intoxicating honey potion — and it does! So drink up and save the bottle.

We like this bottle as-is and see it making a sweet addition to a bookshelf in need of some floral razzle dazzle.

Buy Apiary Gin here.

Eden Mill Love Gin

The red minimalist design of the label paired with a wire bail swing topper make Eden Mill’s bottle a delight to behold.

Quality swing topped bottles aren’t cheap, so be sure to hold on to this bottle after you enjoy the rosey, berry accented gin inside. Maybe store some kombucha in it?

Buy Eden Mill Love Gin here.

Few Gin

All of Few Spirits‘ products come in a chunky rectangular bottle. Few Breakfast Gin’s label is our favorite, with its muted purple ink and clean teacup illustration.

Finish this bottle of gin at a brunch party and then display it as a table centerpiece. This bottle would look great with some lavender stems in it to compliment the label’s color.

Buy Few Breakfast Gin here.

Check out all of Few Spirits’ products here.

Mahón Gin

Green glass inspires creative decorating, it makes a great pop of color in a modern room and compliments popular earth tones.

Mahón Gin’s bottle is emerald green and has a little loop handle. Use the bottle’s loop to hang it on a wall and propagate plant clippings in it. Wouldn’t a long strand of pothos look lovely?

The gin inside is a geographically indicated juniper-forward spirit, so it will also be quite the treat to drink.

Buy Mahón Gin here.

Sharish Gin

Sharish Gin’s bottle is uniquely abstract. We love the squat height and whale tail shape of the base.

Remove the label, and fill this bottle up with a bouquet of short stemmed, multi-colored blooms.

The gin inside this bottle is a color changing spirit made with butterfly pea flowers, similar to Empress 1908.

Buy any Sharish Gin here.

Removing Labels on Bottles

If you find yourself wanting to remove a label on a gin bottle, the following should help:

  • Fill a sink with hot water and a healthy spoon of baking soda
  • Submerge the bottle in the sink and allow the bottle to fill with water so it won’t float
  • Soak the bottle for at least 30 minutes
  • Peel off the label as much as possible
  • Scrub the bottle with a scouring pad to remove stubborn glue and label material
  • Dry your bottle and enjoy your new crafty gin decoration

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