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Gin 88 Comes to US, Boasts Scientific Staff and 88 Unique Flavors

Gin 88, a spirit that features 88 separate flavor molecules, is now available in the U.S.

Award-winning and formulated with “88 separate flavor molecule notes from 28 botanicals,” Linden Leaf’s Gin 88 is now available in the U.S.

At the core of Linden Leaf’s spirit production is science and flavor. Linden Leaf’s founders are Cambridge scientists and engineers with a “near-obsessive passion for food.” In pursuit of crafting the ginniest gin, with fresh citrus as its foundation, Linden Leaf has made quite the unique liquor.

“Admittedly, we opened up a scientific Pandora’s box when we started chasing exactly which molecules made our favorite food and drink taste the way they do,” said Matthew Webster, one of Linden Leaf’s founding members, along with Mukund Unavane and Paul Bennett. “But countless experiments and testing have led us to a Molecular Flavor Atlas, which we use to create what I believe are the most harmonious, flavorful spirits possible.”

Only organic and GMO-free botanicals are sourced for Linden Leaf’s gin. 70% of the citrus used is fresh, as well as more than 20% of the herbs.

“Organic farmers also tend to grow a wider range of cultivars for the fruits and herbs they grow, giving us access to a huge variety of rare breeds with their own unique flavors and aromas,” noted Managing Director at Linden Leaf USA, Sean Patrick Carver.

Juniper, yuzu, calamansi, shiso, grains of paradise and Charentais melon harmonize in “a superb, layered perfume”  with “an immensely long flavor profile.”

Linden Leaf recommends sipping Gin 88 neat to best savor its delicate flavor complexity. However, cocktails with simple compositions — martinis and gin and tonics — are still great choices for your molecular merriment.

A Taste of Gin 88

We enjoyed this gin neat, as recommended.

Gin 88 starts off on the nose with a strong citrus presence — yuzu and calamansi. A sip reveals the almost musky, cantaloupe profile of the Charentais melon. Juniper is subtle, but that’s a good thing. The overall experience is refreshingly effervescent. There is a gentle tingle on the tongue during the long, minty finish.

There truly is merit in sourcing fresh ingredients for a distinctive, scientifically crafted gin.

Gin 88 is bottled at 43% ABV and can be found here for $41.99.

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