Four Pillars to Make Extra Batch of Peach Gin That Sold Out in Under 3 Hours
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Four Pillars to Make Extra Batch of Peach Gin That Sold Out in Under 3 Hours

The peachy gin is a collaboration between Go-to Skincare and Australian gin producer Four Pillars. (Photo: Four Pillars Gin)

After selling out in under three hours, Four Pillars has promised peach-loving gin fans that a bonus batch of My New Go-To Gin will be made somewhere around early December.

My New Go-To Gin is a collaboration between Australian gin producer Four Pillars and skincare brand Go-To. The last time the two businesses partnered up to produce this gin, it sold out in five hours.

“Wow. Just wow. We knew you guys would be excited about this year’s My New Go-To Gin, but for the second year in a row your thirst for this peachy gin exceeded our wildest forecasts,” Four Pillars wrote.

It seems the gin-imbibing masses have spoken — and they’re wild for fruity gin.

In addition to classic gin botanicals such as juniper and coriande, My New Go-To Gin is made with native quandong peaches, grapefruit, pink peppercorns, bergamot, lemon myrtle and sweet osmanthus.

Directly above the button to buy the gin, Four Pillars wrote, “Be warned: this is officially your last chance!!” So if you’re peachy keen on securing a bottle of this popular gin, you better place a pre-order, tout suite!

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