"Extremely Drunk" Man Arrested After Passing Out in Arby's Drive-Thru While Ordering Curly Fries
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“Extremely Drunk” Man Arrested After Passing Out in Arby’s Drive-Thru While Ordering Curly Fries

A man is arrested after police find him “extremely drunk” and unresponsive in an Arby’s drive-thru. His vehicle is pictured. (Photo: Chaska Police Department/Facebook)

On Feb. 25, a man who police described as “extremely drunk” was found passed out in an Arby’s drive-thru in Chaska, Minnesota, after ordering curly fries, according to the Chaska Police Department.

CPD was called to a local Arby’s drive-thru around 1:00 p.m. following a report of an unresponsive driver. Upon arrival, officers found a 43-year-old man unresponsive behind the wheel of his vehicle.

According to CPD, the man was “extremely drunk” and had fallen asleep right after ordering food at the Arby’s. The man was found to be the only person in the vehicle.

Before police arrived, a patron noticed the man had fallen asleep and opened the driver’s door to shift the vehicle into park, “likely preventing damage to property and injury to others,” per CPD.

The 43-year-old man was allegedly too drunk to perform field sobriety tests, so officers obtained a sample of his blood after executing a search warrant, CPD reported.

At this time, the man informed officers he had been previously drinking Boone’s Farm.

“Boone’s Farm + an attempt at curly fries,” CPD wrote on social media. 

Boone’s Farm is a sweet, flavored wine product known for its low prices and college-aged fan base. While referred to as a wine product on its label, Boone’s Farm beverages are technically malt liquors ranging from 3.2%-7.5% ABV, made from bases such as grapes, apples or citrus.

“Becoming extremely drunk and then driving to get curly fries is an incredibly selfish decision,” CPD wrote on social media. “Thankfully the man was not driving at higher speeds on the city streets or highways at the time he fell asleep.”

“He’ll be charged accordingly.”

According to KFGO, the man was arrested on Friday.

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