Emma Watson Pays Homage to Family Vineyard in Gin Campaign
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Emma Watson Pays Homage to Family Vineyard in Latest Gin Campaign; Upcycled Grapes and Sustainability Take Center Stage

Emma Watson

(Photo: Renais Gin)

Commemorating her recently launched gin brand, Emma Watson traveled to Eastern France for a scenic photoshoot alongside her brother Alex Watson.

In April, the siblings teamed up for the unexpected debut of Renais Gin, a venture that promises to follow in the boozy footsteps of their father’s decades-old Domaine Watson Vineyard nestled in the hills of Burgundy. With an eye for sustainability, the celebrity duo hopes to introduce the family business to a new generation of drinkers.

“I’m particularly proud of upcycling grapes from vineyards — including my dad’s — to reduce waste and create something new, being one of the only gins on the market using mushroom packaging, and our carbon-neutral product status,” said Watson in a press release.

“We will continue to challenge ourselves as much as possible here because this is such a passion of mine.”

Emma Watson

(Photo: Renais Gin)

In addition to upcycled grapes, Renais features a laundry list of botanicals including juniper berries, Kimmeridgian stone, angelica root, linden flowers, acacia honey, cubeb Berries and coriander seed. The terroir-driven gin hit shelves in May, retailing at $75 per bottle.

Alex Watson — who previously worked for spirits giant Diageo, owner of Gordon’s Gin, Tanqueray and Casamigos — thinks that the sibling’s combined expertise will elevate Renais to new levels.

“While I delve into the drinks and marketing aspects, Emma brings her creative flair and sustainability consciousness to the mix,” said Alex.

“My background is deeply rooted in the world of drinks and I absolutely love everything about the industry, from the intricacies of crafting products to the art of marketing them effectively.”

Emma Watson

(Photo: Renais Gin)

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