'Very Annoying' Man With Jägermeister Prompts Emergency Landing
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Emergency Landing: ‘Very Annoying’ Man With Jägermeister Bottle Attempts to Open Plane Door, Prompting 3 Passengers to Restrain Him With Seatbelt

A man who appeared to be intoxicated after being seen holding a large bottle of Jägermeister is tackled to the ground and restrained with a seatbelt by three other passengers on a Vueling flight from Alicante to Amsterdam. (Photo: Rauschenberger/Pixabay)

On a recent Vueling flight from Alicante to Amsterdam, the swift action of three Dutch travelers thwarted an intoxicated man’s bid to open a plane door. The dramatic incident compelled the plane to make an unscheduled landing in Paris, France, resulting in the arrest of the inebriated passenger, De Telegraaf reported on Saturday.

Miranda Geurtsen, a passenger onboard, shared with the publication her observations of the disruptive individual, who she explained already caught the attention of others due to his possession of a large bottle of Jägermeister. Roughly 90 minutes into the flight, he engaged in a heated dispute with a flight attendant.

“A male steward took over the conversation with the man, but everyone felt the tension,” Geurtsen noted.

Geurtsen remarked on the man’s persistent, unruly behavior, describing him as “very annoying,” frequently standing up and heedless of instruction. His actions escalated, with reports of his harassment of female passengers. Despite his evident intoxication, the man was permitted to use the bathroom on the condition that the door remain ajar, Geurtsen explained.

After a visit to the restroom, the situation escalated significantly as the man made a rash attempt to manipulate the emergency door while at high altitudes. In response, three Dutch men rapidly subdued him, securing him to a rear seat with a seatbelt.

“Three Dutch men knocked him to the ground and tied him up in the back row with a seat belt,” Geurtsen added, per the report. “The staff seemed relieved to get help. Everyone on the plane was shocked.”

Passengers and crew alike were visibly shaken, but the assistance offered by the intervening passengers appeared to alleviate the troubled atmosphere. The plane ultimately executed an emergency landing, leading to the apprehension of the unruly passenger by French authorities.

The consequences of the incident extended beyond the mid-air drama, as the delayed flight finally landed at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, three hours behind schedule. Passengers found empty luggage carousels upon arrival due to the timing of baggage handlers’ departure, De Telegraaf reported.

Vueling’s spokesperson acknowledged the incident, expressing regret for the inconvenience caused. Emphasizing passenger safety and well-being, the spokesperson affirmed the airline’s zero-tolerance approach toward behaviors that compromise the security of both passengers and staff. Adherence to established protocols in such situations was underscored.

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