Duo Escapes with Booze Haul After Ramming Store with Truck
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Duo Takes Off with Booze Haul After Ramming Liquor Store With Allegedly Stolen Truck Later Found ‘Destroyed by Fire’

Captured security footage shows a truck ramming into a liquor store and two men wearing face coverings taking off with a haul of booze. (Photo: Crime Watch Victoria/Facebook)

Following a reported ramming incident involving an allegedly stolen truck, two men took off with a substantial haul of booze from a liquor store in Victoria, Australia, on Sunday. Subsequently, the truck in question was apparently discovered a few days later in a severely damaged state, having been “destroyed by fire,” Crime Watch Victoria reported.

The event took place at approximately 3:25 a.m. on Sunday when an allegedly stolen black 2004 Ford Territory was reversed into the front of a liquor shop, causing substantial damage and granting the intruders access to the premises, according to Sky News.

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The scene was captured by security cameras, showing two masked men emerging from the vehicle and entering the store. The driver was seen swiftly entering the shop and gathering several bottles of alcohol, per Crime Watch Victoria. He proceeded to load them into the car’s trunk. Following closely behind, the second man carried a laundry basket into the store.

The team then filled the basket to the top with booze bottles before leaving in the truck. According to the police, the Ford used in the crime displayed significant damage, including a missing bonnet latch, a shattered rear passenger door and a wooden garden trellis attached to the front passenger window.

Investigators later discovered that the same car had been set ablaze in a nearby town on Wednesday morning, which completely destroyed it, Sky News reported. Subsequent registration checks revealed that the car had been reported stolen on April 21, per Crime Watch Victoria.

The investigation is still in progress, and individuals with any pertinent information are encouraged to reach out to Crime Stoppers Victoria.

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