Drunk Thief Found Sleeping in Looted House, Accomplice Escapes With $10K in Valuables
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Drunk Thief Found ‘Comfortably’ Asleep in Looted House After Drinking Expensive Alcohol While Accomplice Takes Off With $10K in Valuables

An alleged drunk thief informs the police that his accomplice coerced him into drinking alcohol found inside a house the duo reportedly targeted to find valuables. He was later found asleep in a bedroom by the home’s owners, who had just returned from a wedding. (Photo: Hermes Rivera/Unsplash)

An alleged drunk thief has been found “comfortably” sleeping in the bedroom of a home in Uttar Pradesh, India, that was reportedly robbed of nearly $10,000 worth of valuables, India Today reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the man who was found asleep had been made to drink expensive alcohol during the burglary by his accomplice, who supposedly took off with the valuable items.

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Describing the event to India Today, Sharwanand, the house’s owner, said: “When I opened the lock after returning from the wedding, I found that the top part of the gate had been broken. Everything inside the house was scattered. As soon as I reached the bedroom, I saw a young man sleeping comfortably and empty bottles of liquor were also lying there.”

According to the report, the family waited for the man to regain consciousness before delivering him to the police. As the investigation unfolded, the man revealed to the authorities that he belonged to a two-person burglary team that targeted Sharwanand’s home.

According to the man’s account, the duo entered the house with the intention of finding valuable items. During the course of their actions, the man claims that his partner coerced him to consume the alcohol found within the premises. Subsequently, he fell asleep in the bedroom while his accomplice allegedly fled the scene with the goods.

The family reported that over 100 grams of gold, 2 kilograms of silver items worth, 40 sarees and a sum of cash were missing, per India Today. These belongings were estimated to be worth a total of Rs 8 lakh, which is equivalent to $9,703.

Authorities are now actively searching for the accomplice.

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