5 Cheap Gins Under $15 That Aren’t Completely Awful
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5 Cheap Gins Under $15 That Aren’t Completely Awful

This little gin and tonic has a secret: It’s made with cheap gin! (Photo: Candie Getgen/Gin Raiders)

It’s your best friend’s annual gin-tasting party tonight, but you just spent a huge chunk of cash on rent. With a thrifty budget and no time to spare, you need to buy some gin! Or… maybe this hypothetical scenario is too specific and you just want to buy some low-cost gin. Whoever you are, these cheap gins under $15 should do the trick.

Gordon’s Gin

Gordon’s Gin has been in production for over 250 years. It’s a classic London dry that you can find for around $10.99, bottled at 40% ABV.

Gordon’s Gin also happens to be one of the world’s best selling gins, so you won’t have to sacrifice notoriety when buying your budget-friendly spirit.  Look for a crisp juniper and citrus taste in Gordon’s Gin.

Buy Gordon’s Gin here.

Starr Blu Gin

Starr Blu Gin can be found for around $9.99 and is another London Dry style gin to consider trying. The botanicals in Starr Blue Gin are herbs, spices — we can’t seem to find which herbs and spices — and subtle juniper. This is a cheap gin for when you want juniper to take it easy in your drink.

The Starr Blu brand also makes a vodka, just in case you wanted to know. Both the gin and vodka are bottled at 40% ABV.

Buy Starr Blu Gin here.

Gilbey’s Gin Traveler

With “traveler” in the name, we want to put this gin bottle in a purse and take it for walk. Gilbey’s Gin is, you guessed it, a London Dry style gin. It looks like you’re making some tasty gin and tonics tonight. Gilbey’s is bottled at 40% ABV.

If you can’t find Gilbey’s Gin Traveler for under $10, the $16.99 1.75L bottle can be bought here.

Dr Bramble’s Gin Liqueurs

It’s a liqueur, but Dr. Bramble might still pique your interest. Dr. Bramble’s Gin Liqueurs come in a sweet variety of flavors: raspberry, pomegranate & rose and orange & cranberry.

These gin liqueurs can be enjoyed with club soda or mixed with a higher-proof gin for some double gin fun. Any flavor can be found for just a hair under $15.

If you can’t find these gin liqueurs, Hofland Sloe Gin is a good alternative and can be bought here.

Ready-to-Drink G&J Greenall’s Gin & Tonic

Crack open a G&J Greenall’s Gin & Tonic straight from the fridge because it’s ready to drink! These neatly packaged gin and tonics are made with different flavors of G&J Greenall’s gin with either tonic or soda.

The flavors are pink grapefruit, lemon, orange and blueberry. A pack of four can be found for $10.99. If you buy these, you’re also saving some cash by not needing to buy mixers.

Buy the Sicilian lemon and soda four pack here.

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