The Inn Gin: Chatham Bars Inn launches Bespoke Etesia Gin
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The Inn Gin: Chatham Bars Inn launches Bespoke Etesia Gin

Chatham Bars Inn serves up a vacation-worthy gin. (Photo: Chatham Bars Inn)

Get ready to plan your next gin-centric vacation. Chatham Bars Inn has released its own custom gin, crafted and bottled exclusively by Don Ciccio & Figli in Washington D.C. Launched in August, Etesia Gin is designed to work beautifully in classic gin cocktails and to pair well with Chatham oysters.

It’s hard to go wrong with gin and seafood served on a breezy beach.

“Everyone, including me, enjoys the gin’s citrusy notes and slight salinity. Created with sea salt from the waters of Chatham Bars Inn’s private beach, the Etesia Gin offers an enveloping sense of place as guests can sip, see and feel the magic of Chatham – all at once,” stated Simon Rodrigues, director of sales and marketing for Chatham Bars Inn.

Sea salt water is added post-distillation when the gin is diluted for a subtle salinity (think Grey Whale Gin). The botanical mix includes Italian lemon, lime, blood orange and clementine. Anticipate coriander, angelica root, cassia bark and cardamom to provide a balanced warmth to the nose.

Etesia Gin is savory, citrus and spice all in one bottle. 

While Chatham Bars Inn does not sell bottles, the gin can be enjoyed at each of The Inn’s bars served neat or in martinis, Negronis, Bee’s Knees and gin highballs. Ingredients for cocktails — juices, concentrates, shrubs, bitters and edible flowers — are sourced and created from The Inn’s local 8-acre farm.

The Chatham Bars Inn’s local farm, which sources both The Inn’s cocktail ingredients and cuisine. (Photo: Chatham Bars Inn)

The Inn also hosts private or group mixology classes. With help from Chatham Bars Inn’s talented bartenders, the art of cocktails can be yours to explore.

Etesia Gin Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

Nose – Fresh lemon peel, spice, floral

Palate – citrus, citrus, citrus, brine, slightly bitter

Finish – viscous and chewy, slight salinity and lingering herbs

The gin rests at 40% ABV and is available exclusively at Chatham Bars Inn.

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