Cheers to King Charles' Coronation With 8 Commemorative Gins
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Top 8 Gins Launched in Celebration of King Charles III’s Coronation

King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s coronation will take place on May 6, 2023, at Westminster Abbey, marking the official crowning of Charles as monarch of the United Kingdom.

While everyone gears up for the big event, distilleries in the U.K. have marked the historical event in their own way — by making gin! From spirits made with roses and fresh fruit to honey and the king’s favorite tea, here are the top eight gins launched in celebration of Charles’ coronation.

Wessex Spirits Darjeeling Tea Coronation Gin

(Photo: Wessex Spirits)

At the end of April, Wessex Spirits launched a gin flavored like Charles’ favorite breakfast drink, Darjeeling tea with honey. Wessex Spirits collaborated with beekeeping supplies business Becky’s Beezzzs and tea specialist Char Teas to create the gin, which was inspired by the king’s reported daily morning beverage.

The gin is recommended to be served over ice with lemon or with a premium tonic or ginger ale. Wessex Spirits Coronation Gin is priced at £34.95 ($43.57) per 50 cl bottle.

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Moonshine & Fuggles Kings Coronation Gin

(Photo: Moonshine & Fuggles)

In late April, Moonshine & Fuggles, a wine and spirits shop in Shropshire, England, collaborated with West Midlands Distillery to create Kings Coronation Gin. Now sold out, only 74 bottles of the 43%-ABV spirit were produced, each representing a year of the king’s life.

The gin is made with juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, licorice root and Himalayan White Rose Tea, as well as floral botanicals sourced from Ironbridge. The gin is described as an “old school dry gin” with a nature-inspired profile. The first bottle was presented to Charles, and the proceeds from the sales will go towards planting a tree in Dale End Park in Ironbridge to honor the occasion.

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Gin In a Tin The Coronation Gin

(Photo: Country Living Marketplace)

Gin In A Tin collaborated with the Historic Royal Palaces to create The Coronation Gin, which also debuted in late April. The gin is made with traditional London dry botanicals, including coriander, cardamom, lemon peel and juniper.

Just as the brand’s name suggests, the gin comes in a tin, which is decorated with gold foiled crowns and symbols of the four nations of the U.K. Resting at 40% ABV per 50 cl tin, Gin In A Tin The Coronation Gin is recommended to be served with tonic and grapefruit or in a martini.

Priced at £35.00 ($44.22), the spirit is available for purchase on the Country Living Marketplace, with all proceeds going to the Historic Royal Palaces charity.

Four Sis4ers Distillery Wonky Windsor Gin

(Photo: Four Sis4ers Distillery)

In mid-April, Four Sis4ers Distillery in Salford debuted a pink gin crafted from misshapen strawberries that would have otherwise been discarded. Dubbed “Wonky Windsor”, the spirit was produced in the distillery’s Arnold Holstein copper still with a focus on environmentalism and sustainability, which Charles is notably passionate about.

Resting at 37.5% ABV and retailing for £26.00 ($32.87), only 100 bottles were produced. The distillery shared that Wonky Windsor is best served with elderflower tonic over ice with a strawberry garnish or paired with a double shot of prosecco topped with lemonade.

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Ludlow Distillery’s Coronation Rose Gin

(Photo: Ludlow Distillery)

In another mid-April coronation release, Ludlow Distillery unveiled Coronation Rose Gin, inspired by Turkish delight and a special trip Master Distiller Shaun Ward and his husband Peter took to the gardens of Highgrove, the private home of the King.

Made from juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris, rose and hibiscus petals, the 42%-ABV gin is priced at £42.99 ($54.36)  per 70 cl bottle. And, per the distillery, the tipple is best served in a light gin and tonic garnished with dried hibiscus petals and black peppercorns, or with Dubonnet, a French aperitif that Queen Elizabeth II famously enjoyed her gin with.

Read the full story here.

Silent Pool Coronation Gin

(Photo: Silent Pool)

At the end of March, Silent Pool unveiled its Coronation Gin, crafted using Charles’ favorite Surrey botanicals, plants and flowers. The gin includes floral notes of rose petals, lavender and chamomile, paired with plum leaves, raspberry leaves, Earl Grey tea and hawthorn berries.

Silent Pool’s Coronation Gin is priced at £45 per 70 cl, 43%-ABV bottle. Try it out in a Gimlet or Corpse Reviver No. 2.

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Whitley Neill Connoisseur’s Cut Coronation Gin

(Photo: Whitley Neill)

In late March, Whitley Neill launched a coronation-themed bottling of its Connoisseur’s Cut Gin. Distilled at The City of London Distillery, the gin features traditional London dry ingredients like juniper, coriander, licorice, angelica, lemon peel, orange peel and grapefruit peel.

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The gin is characterized by a higher-than-usual ABV of 47%, which makes its botanical notes stronger and ideal for making cocktails. Priced at £30 ($37.94), Whitley Neill Coronation Gin comes in a white bottle with the official coronation emblem and blue and red detailing.

Buckingham Palace Royal Windsor Pink Gin

(Photo: The Royal Collection Trust)

In February, Buckingham Palace launched Royal Windsor Pink Gin. The spirit, which is made using hand-picked raspberries from the Windsor Castle Estate, has a bright pink hue and fruity finish.

Royal Windsor Pink Gin costs £38.00 ($45.75) per 70 cl bottle, with all proceeds from sales going to The Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity.

Read the full story here.

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