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The 5 Best Gins We Tasted in May 2023

As we bid farewell to May, we here at Gin Raiders would like to take a moment to reminisce about the many wonderful gins we’ve had the pleasure of tasting this month. Out of all the gins we sampled in May 2023, these five were our personal favorites!

Bombay Sapphire Murcian Lemon Gin

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Clean, simple and citrusy, Bombay Sapphire’s latest expression highlights hand-peeled lemons from Murcia, Spain. This expression launched in late 2022 but only recently crossed our tastebuds (read more about its launch here).

Murcian Lemon exudes a bright juniper nose, akin to Bombay Sapphire’s flagship expression. Its dominant citrus ingredients make for a refreshing palate reminiscent of limoncello, complemented by zippy pine. A subtle hint of sweet orange emerges on the finish.

Ideal for fans of classic London dry gins, this versatile spirit is perfect for cocktails like a dry martini or French 75. Find this 47%-ABV gin easily for under $40.

Canaïma Gin

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Canaïma Gin by Venezuela-based DUSA Distillery features 19 handpicked botanicals, mostly from the Amazon rainforest. At 47% ABV, it impresses with a sweet, citrusy nose. The palate is grapefruit-forward with honey and pepper notes, partnered with a long, complex and fruity finish.

Another easy find for under $40, Canaïma Gin is great mixed with grapefruit tonic for a shockingly simple, crushable serve.

Castle & Key Rise Seasonal Gin

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Rise, a seasonal gin by Kentucky-based Castle & Key, boasts a 47% ABV. Its bright and enticing nose reveals lemongrass, pepper and sweet citrus. The palate offers a rich experience with a blend of lemongrass, honey, lime, pepper and light ginger. The finish is long, slightly dry and carries notes of spice, more ginger, lemon, lime and honey.

Find Castle & Key’s Seasonal Rise Gin for $38 and enjoy it in a Negroni.

Castle & Key Roots of Ruin Gin

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This month was a big gin win for Castle & Key, as another of its herb-rich offerings wowed us. Roots of Ruin combines the distillery’s rye whiskey newmake with chamomile, ginger and rosemary.

Bottled at a hefty 53% ABV, this gin entices with a sweet, perfume-driven nose featuring honey, cream, sugar, anise, orange peel, lemon and a hint of pepper. The palate offers upfront sweetness, creamy texture, orange peel and pepper, while the herbal back palate reveals cardamom and clove. With a long, fruity finish highlighted by creamy orange notes and a spiced aftertaste, Roots of Ruin impresses as a complex and, honestly, delightful gin.

Find this gin for $36 and serve it up in a Bee’s Knees or Corpse Reviver No. 2.

Edinburgh Seaside Gin

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Approachable and classic, Edinburgh’s Seaside Gin is for fans of a no-nonsense juniper spirit. Tasting notes include super soft floral sweetness, subtle salinity, verdant juniper, a whisper of orange and a brief dry finish. If you like top gins such as Beefeater, Gray Whale and Broker’s, you’ll find this spirit just as enjoyable.

Score Edinburgh Seaside Gin for about $32 and mix it into almost any gin cocktail that calls for a classic dry. We suggest a Salty Dog or Gimlet.

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