7 Best Gins to Try This Spring if You Love Floral Flavors
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7 Best Floral Gins to Try This Spring

Some of the best gins to try this spring include tasting notes from rose, lavender, chamomile and violet!

There’s no better season than spring to try out new spirits that highlight the delicate and perfumed essence of flowers. Following the gin boom of the early 2000s, floral gins have become increasingly popular and there are numerous lively expressions available today that offer a springtime tasting experience. Common flowers to look out for in these trendy gins include rose, lavender, violet, chamomile and hibiscus. In celebration of the season of new growth and burgeoning blossoms, here are the seven best gins to try if you love all things floral.

If floral-forward spirits are simply not your thing, check out our roundup of the best dry gins to try this year!

Black Button Lilac Gin

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It’s right in the name, so there’s no mystery about which springy flower Black Button Distilling chose to highlight in this 42%-ABV gin. Beyond richly scented purple blooms, Black Button Lilac Gin features tasting notes from hibiscus, juniper, coriander, lavender and rose.

Additionally, Black Button Distilling produces this gin once a year during spring in honor of the “rich festival and floral history” of Rochester, the distillery’s hometown.

Find this refreshing gin for under $40 and pair it with sparkling water or serve it up in a floral-forward White Lady (recipe found here).

G’vine Floraison Gin

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This French gin is made using a floral ingredient you don’t see every day: grape flowers! G’vine Floraison also features licorice, lime, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, cassia, coriander and cubeb pepper, resulting in a complex spirit with a prominent spicy, white floral palate.

G’vine Floraison is also a gin worthy of your attention due to its spirit base made from grapes, similar to how genever (gin’s ancestor) was made. This also makes it a spirit worth checking out if you’re a real wine nut.

Try this gin neat to savor its complexity or mix it up in a dirty martini or Negroni. G’vine Floraison can be found for under $30 and rests at 40% ABV.

Hendrick’s Flora Adora Gin

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This gin is a limited-edition offering from Hendrick’s own “Cabinet of Curiosities,” so act fast if a bouquet of enchanting flowers sounds like your glass of gin and tonic. While Hendrick’s doesn’t outright disclose the flowers used to produce its latest Flora Adora expression (bummer!), we can safely assume rose is somewhere in the mix considering the gin brand’s healthy obsession with the fragrant bloom.

Also, the whole point of this gin is to capture the essence of a whimsical wildflower garden party, so there are plenty of floral tasting notes at play here even if you don’t know exactly which ones you’re looking for. Read more about Flora Adora’s early March launch here.

Hendrick’s recommends serving this 43.4%-ABV gin in a “Wildgarden Cup,” made using lemon juice, simple syrup, soda water and fresh fruit. Find Flora Adora for just about $40, while supplies last.

Silent Pool Gin

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This English gin is made using locally-sourced botanicals, including fragrant lavender, delicate elderflower and herbal chamomile. Silent Pool Gin boasts a smooth, floral profile with just the right amount of citrus backbone.

Silent Pool can be a bit tricky to find outside of the U.K., but if you’re able to score a bottle, you’re in for a springy treat!

This 43%-ABV gin is priced at around $40 and makes for a divine French 75 or Tom Collins.

Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin

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This gin is infused with the quintessentially British flavor of Parma Violet candies, hence the name. Whitley Neill Parma Violet has a sugared and perfumed floral taste that makes it perfect for those who enjoy a sweeter sip. This is certainly not the spirit for diehard London dry fanatics.

Whitley Neill’s aromatic gin is beautifully served with lemonade or in a Spitz-style cocktail made with sparkling wine. If you’re feeling particularly violet-obsessed, try Parma Violet in an Aviation cocktail, which already features a rich violet liqueur.

This is another hard-to-find spirit but is certainly worth seeking out if you’re a violet-obsessed gin drinker. Parma Violet is usually priced around $30 and is bottled at 43% ABV.

Malfy Gin Rosa

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This soft pink Italian gin features grapefruit, rhubarb, white pepper, hand-picked juniper and rose petals. This is an expression for those who seek a new gin experience but may typically stray away from an overabundance of soapy florals. Essentially, this gin is floral, but not too floral that you feel like you’re drinking liquid potpourri.

Love pink gin? Check out our roundup of the top pink gins worthy of your tastebuds this year.

Secure a bottle of this 41%-ABV gin for about $35 and try it in a Salty Dog or classic gin and tonic.

Dorothy Parker Gin

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Dorothy Parker Gin is produced by New York Distilling Company and includes hibiscus, juniper, lemon, orange, cardamom, cinnamon and elderberry. This gin sources its name from the poet, screenwriter, critic and renowned gin-lover, Dorothy Parker!

Find this 44%-ABV gin for around $30 and enjoy it in a Ramos Fizz, Clover Club or with your favorite tonic.

Cheers to spring!

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