Sustainable Sips: Top 7 Eco-Friendly Gin Brands Worth Seeking Out
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Sustainable Sips: Top 7 Eco-Friendly Gin Brands Worth Seeking Out

For a greener cocktail, consider supporting these seven eco-friendly gin brands!

Sustainable spirit brands often stand out in the industry by prioritizing environmental responsibility through the use of sustainably sourced ingredients, renewable energy and eco-friendly packaging.

Support businesses doing their best at making a positive impact on our planet by checking out these seven eco-friendly gin brands.

Barr Hill Gin

(Photo: Barr Hill)

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Barr Hill Gin is an award-winning spirits brand made with raw honey and produced at Caledonia Spirits’ eco-friendly distillery in Vermont. The company prioritizes sustainability by using renewable solar energy, heat reclamation and transforming distillery waste into biofuel that generates electricity for the surrounding community.

Barr Hill’s annual initiative, Bee’s Knees Week, encourages people to order a Bee’s Knees cocktail and share a photo on social media with the hashtag #beeskneesweek. For every photo shared, Barr Hill partners with non-profits to plant 10 square feet of pollinator habitat. Bee’s Knees Week has become the largest sustainability event in the spirits industry, with over half a million square feet of new pollinator habitat created in the last three years alone.

Barr Hill Gin (45% ABV) and Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin (43% ABV) are both crafted using raw honey as a key ingredient. Barr Hill Gin is a classic dry-style gin with notes of clove, grapefruit and wildflower honey, while Tom Cat is barrel-aged and has a rich, complex flavor with smacks of vanilla and oak. Find both gins from $23 to $50 each and try them in a Bee’s Knees, Negroni or your favorite simple gin cocktails.

Gray Whale

(Photo: Gray Whale Gin)

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Gray Whale Gin supports ocean conservation by donating 1% of sales to 1% for the Planet and partnering with Oceana, the world’s largest ocean conservation organization.

The gin is made using a six-times-distilled base and sustainably sourced botanicals, including juniper from Big Sur, limes from Temecula Valley, fir trees from Sonoma, sea kelp from Mendocino Coast, mint from Santa Cruz and almonds from Central Valley, all foraged along the migratory path of the California Gray Whale.

Find Gray Whale Gin for about $35 per 43% ABV bottle and try it out in a dirty martini.

Hyke Gin

(Photo: Hyke Gin)

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Hyke Gin is an award-winning spirit produced by Foxhole Spirits using fresh table grapes that are surplus to the supermarket supply chain and would otherwise be wasted. According to the brand, its spirits help divert around 1.4 million baskets of leftover grapes each year.

Hyke Gin’s distinctive flavor is achieved by using a blend of juniper, myrrh, nigella seed, rooibos, cumin, bay leaf, green cardamom, black cardamom, coriander, angelica, orris root, licorice root, aniseed and lemon zest.

Bottled at 40% ABV, Hyke gin can be found for under $30 and makes for a stellar spritz-style cocktail.

The Botanist Gin

(Photo: The Botanist)

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In 2020, Bruichladdich Distillery, producer of The Botanist Gin, became a B Corp-certified business. Bruichladdich supports the Botanic Gardens Conservation International in its mission to prevent plant extinction by donating to the Global Botanic Garden Fund. The distillery also works on reducing unnecessary packaging and using recyclable or reusable materials in production, with an ongoing goal to achieve zero emissions by exploring the potential of hydrogen power.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is made from 22 botanicals, including apple mint, bog myrtle leaves, creeping thistle flowers, gorse flowers, lady’s bedstraw flowers, lemon balm, red clover flowers, sweet cicely leaves, tansy and wood sage leaves. Herbal and spicy, this gin is great in a Clover Club or Gimlet.

Find The Botanist for under $40 per 750ml, 46% ABV bottle.

Nàdar Gin

(Photo: Nàdar Gin)

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Nàdar Gin, deemed the world’s first carbon-negative gin, is produced by Arbikie Distillery in Scotland. The gin is distilled using a base spirit made from peas, which are grown sustainably without the use of nitrogen fertilizers. And, according to the brand, each bottle of Nàdar Gin removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than is emitted during its production.

Nàdar Gin is infused with Makrut lime leaf and lemongrass botanicals, giving it fresh, citrusy tasting notes, making it an ideal choice to serve with a light tonic garnished with ginger or lime.

Find Nàdar Gin for around $45 per 43% ABV bottle.

58 and Co. Gin

(Photo: 58 and Co.)

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58 and Co. is a U.K. distillery committed to sustainability by working to reduce its carbon footprint through planting juniper bushes and trees and partnering with SPS Energy to employ solar power at its facility. The distillery also works with a logistics company that uses the largest zero-emission fleet in the industry.

The distillery offers a variety of gins, all made with 100% recyclable packaging, recycled glass and plastic-free materials. The 58 and Co. gin range includes a multi-award-winning London Dry (43% ABV), an Apple & Hibiscus Pink gin (40% ABV) made from misshapen apples and a Navy Strength gin (58% ABV), which has a citrusy and creamy coriander flavor with big hits of pink grapefruit.

Each gin is delightful when paired with a quality tonic and can be found from $47 to $60.

Warner’s Gin

(Photo: Warner’s Distillery)

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Another B corp-certified business, Warner’s Distillery prioritizes biodiversity and nature conservation by creating new habitats for wildlife and safeguarding existing ones through its collaboration with the Freshwater Habitats Trust to establish wetlands and wildflower meadows near its botanical gardens. Additionally, the distillery partners with approved providers to mitigate the amount of waste it sends to landfills.

Warner’s Distillery produces a range of award-winning, small-batch gin using farm-grown, handpicked botanicals and natural spring water from its Northamptonshire countryside location. Some popular gins in its range include Old Tom, Raspberry and Rhubarb. With so many spirits to cover, we’ll focus mainly on its Harrington Dry, which highlights juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, elderflower, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus peels and an additional “secret ingredient.”

Resting at 44% ABV, find Warner’s Harrington Dry for about $43 and give it a go in a gin-based mule.

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