Brooklyn Beckham Accused of Trolling Fans With 'Experimental' Gin and Tonic
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‘I’m a Nutter in the Kitchen’: Brooklyn Beckham Accused of Trolling Fans With ‘Experimental’ Gin and Tonic

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s son shows fans how much of a “nutter” he is in the kitchen with his favorite cocktail recipes. (Photo: Bustle/Youtube)

Brooklyn Beckham, a self-proclaimed chef and son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, has been playfully accused of trolling fans after sharing his favorite cocktail recipes in a YouTube video published on Nov. 14 by online women’s magazine Bustle.

The video starts with Beckham stating that he’s “very experimental” and loves “trying to make new drinks” before claiming that he is a “nutter in the kitchen.”

The “experimental” cocktail recipe that garnered the most attention was a gin and tonic made with various green garnishes. Under the video, one YouTube user wrote, “What a “nutter” wow I’ve never seen such an experimental cocktail!! Mind blowing.”

A few individuals teased Beckham over his gin and tonic measurements, which included “this much gin” and “this much ice.” Another user asked for Beckham’s ice recipe, adding that it “looks fantastic.”

While not a groundbreaking cocktail, Beckham’s “forest drink” with “so many different greens” still sounds like a tasty serve. The aspiring mixologist also has excellent taste in gin, as evidenced by his generous pour of Monkey 47. However, there are far better tonic waters out there than Schweppes shot from a bar gun machine.

The second cocktail recipe Beckham presented was a lychee martini made with Grey Goose Vodka. YouTube users didn’t quite fancy Beckham’s use of the “juice” from a can of lychees when typically a lychee liqueur would be used for the cocktail.

“Give the lad his dues, he’s funnier than 90% of all the comedians I’ve seen in the last few months. He should do a whole series of videos showing people how to paint, code, speak Japanese, anything,” a commenter wrote.

Beyond sharing cocktail recipes, Beckham has recently become a co-founder and partner of a Japanese sake brand, WESAKE.

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