Night Cap Gets a Whole New Meaning: Batch Distillery Unveils Gin Inspired by an Elizabethan Herb Pillow
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Night Cap Gets a Whole New Meaning: Batch Distillery Unveils Gin Inspired by an Elizabethan Herb Pillow

Batch Distillery has released a limited-edition gin inspired by an Elizabethan herb pillow. (Photo: Batch Innovations)

A dram of gin makes for a dreamy night cap… But have you ever had a pillow-inspired spirit as a before-bed treat? U.K.-based Batch Distillery takes night cap to the next level with the release of a gin inspired by an Elizabethan herb pillow artifact.

The gin-inspiring pillow is from the Gawthorpe Textiles Collection, an internationally acclaimed collection of textiles from around the world. The artifact is from the 1500’s and features embroidery of traditional British wildflowers and a butterfly, bird, snail and caterpillar.

According to Batch Distillery, its Head Distiller was “inspired by bright wildflowers and fragrant herbs.” The resulting gin is “bright, light and refreshing.”

Often stuffed with dried flowers and calming aromatics, herb pillows are used as sleep aids. Herb pillows are also believed to ward off pests, keep linens smelling fresh and encourage sweet dreams.

Herb Pillow Gin is bottled at 40% ABV and is made with rosemary, rose, mugwort, hops and lavender.

The textiles on the herb pillow also inspired Batch Distillery’s Graphic Designer, Jane Giffiths. Four different labels were designed for the gin, each highlighting the herb pillow’s aforementioned special creatures.

Batch Distillery frequently whips up unique spirits as part of its “Innovations Club” which sends out monthly gins, cocktail recipes and commissioned artwork. The distillery also produces gins inspired by the flavors of gram masala, absinthe and peach melba.

Intrigued by what an Elizabethan herb pillow might taste like? Find a bottle of Herb Pillow Gin here before they sell out!

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