DoorDash, Aldi Offer 'Responsible' Alcohol Delivery
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Aldi and DoorDash Partner Up to Offer ‘Responsible’ Alcohol Delivery Across the US

(Photo: Unsplash/Marques Thomas)

DoorDash’s latest expansion in collaboration with the discount supermarket chain Aldi brings the convenience of on-demand and “responsible” alcohol delivery to consumers across the United States, the brands announced Monday.

This service is now accessible from over 1,200 Aldi locations in 21 states where regulations permit alcohol sales within grocery stores. For nearly 80% of DoorDash users, Aldi’s range of alcoholic beverages can be delivered right to their doorsteps, with age verification ensuring a safe and compliant experience.

The strategic partnership between DoorDash and Aldi extends their initial alliance, which was established earlier to facilitate on-demand grocery delivery services at almost all Aldi stores nationwide. This development coincides with Aldi’s introduction of the private-label Specially Selected Wine Collection, featuring an array of ten wine varieties from diverse regions worldwide.

Fuad Hannon, DoorDash’s Vice President of New Verticals, highlights the potential for growth that on-demand alcohol delivery offers to merchants, with the possibility of increasing grocers’ average order value by up to 30%. Interestingly, DoorDash’s data reveals that incorporating alcohol into convenience orders raised average order values by more than 50%.

“In addition to giving merchants a new way to reach customers, on-demand alcohol delivery helps partners grow their business,” Hannon explained, per the news release. “On DoorDash, adding alcohol may increase grocers’ average order value by up to 30%. Order values for U.S. convenience orders were on average over 50% higher when alcohol was added.”

“We’ve worked hard to build a trusted alcohol ordering and delivery experience. The expansion of our partnership with Aldi reinforces our commitment to provide growth opportunities for local merchants, while simultaneously providing a safe, high-quality experience for customers.”

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