Over 130 Cited for Selling Alcohol to Minors in Statewide Crackdown on Underage Drinking
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Over 130 Cited for Selling Alcohol to Minors in Statewide Crackdown on Underage Drinking

California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control conducts a large-scale crackdown on adults buying booze for minors in an effort to increase public safety. (Photo: Eva Bronzini/Pexels)

On Friday, a statewide crackdown on underage drinking in California resulted in over 130 individuals being cited for selling alcohol to minors, as reported by Ani News USA.

In California, supplying alcohol to anyone under 21 can result in 24 hours’ worth of community service or a minimum fine of $1,000.

The large-scale operation, titled “Shoulder Tap,” was conducted by California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) in collaboration with 44 local police and sheriff’s departments. The operation was carried out in an effort to increase public safety for local communities and keep alcohol out of the hands of those under the legal age of drinking, per Ani News USA.

According to the report, “Shoulder Tap” succeed with the help of teenagers and children, who were directed to ask shoppers to buy alcohol for them. Officers would then quickly step in to cite the adults who agreed to purchase liquor for these minors.

Through these collaborative efforts, ABC brought awareness to underage drinking prevention and assisted in the reduction of cases of driving under the influence, according to ABC Director Eric Hirata.

The “Shoulder Tap” operation also resulted in several arrests across the state. California authorities successfully identified nine individuals who were either actively committing DUIs, publicly intoxicated or carrying open containers of alcohol, Ani News USA reported.

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