Doctors Find Vodka Bottle Inside Man Who Complained of Severe Stomachache; 1 Arrested
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1 Arrested After Doctors Find Bottle of Vodka Inside Man Who Complained of Severe Stomachaches

A representational image of doctors performing surgery. Doctors in Nepal extract a bottle of vodka from a man who entered the hospital complaining of severe stomachaches. (Photo: Vidal Balielo Jr./Pexels)

A man in Nepal underwent over two-and-a-half hours of surgery to remove a bottle of vodka from his abdomen following a routine medical check-up related to complaints of severe stomachaches. Police have arrested one person in connection to the incident, suspecting that the liquor bottle may have been forcibly inserted into the man while he was drunk, according to The Himalayan Times.

After being admitted to Bharatpur Medical College on March 5, an ultrasound was performed on 26-year-old Nursad Mansuri. As The Himalayan Times reported, a medical technician discovered a whole liquor bottle inside Mansuri’s stomach. Currently, no reports confirm the exact size of the unspecified bottle of vodka.

Following surgery that lasted almost three hours, the bottle was successfully extracted from Mansuri, who doctors reported is “out of danger.”

“The bottle had ripped apart his intestine, causing leakage of faeces and swelling of intestines,” doctors said, per The Himalayan Times.

“Apparently, the bottle was forced into the man’s stomach through his rectum, and luckily, the rectum wasn’t harmed.”

According to the report, a police investigation is ongoing as they suspect friends of Mansuri may have been involved in the forceful insertion of the bottle.

Last Thursday, police arrested Shekh Samim after interrogating Mansuri’s friends.

“As we had suspected Samim, we kept him in custody and are investigating,” The Area Police Office of Chandrapur declared, per The Himalayan Times.

“A few of Nursad’s other friends are at large and we are searching for them,” SP Bir Bahadur Budha Magar of Rautahat added, according to the report.

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